Trivento…means three winds

Our wine tasting around Maipú continues!

Next stop! Trivento.

Trivento translated means three winds. Three winds make their way through the vines to create the perfect wine. The tasting room was simple, airy and beautiful and, not surprisingly, every one of the wines we tasted were delicious.

[Update: I’ve continued to buy Trivento wine in the States, and it is still delicious! Sometimes wine happens to taste better on the vineyard during a tasting, but the wine from this vineyard is equally as good thousands of miles away!]

trivento 1

trivento 2

After Rafael and I finished our wine tasting at Trivento, it was just about time for lunch! Lunch was yummy, and the company was divine but one of the memorable elements at lunch was this table.

Look very closely under the glass tabletop. What do you see under the glass?

lunch 1

If you think it’s pasta sitting in each of those rows, you are right. All of the tables were identical to this one.

Loved it! No need for a centerpiece when your tables do it for you!

My tour of Maipu

Rafael and Gustavo, who I had met in the Cordoba airport after our plane had to turn back after flying halfway to Mendoza, had offered to take me wine tasting in their neighborhood – and spectacular Argentine wine region, Maipú.

We had planned to meet up while I was in Mendoza and this was the day! Unfortunately, Gustavo wound up having to work so it was Rafael and I for the day. Rafael and I had planned for him to pick me up in the main square where my taxi driver had originally dropped me off upon my arrival to town.

Rafael had a big day planned for us. We kicked it off with a vineyard tour. Upon arriving at the vineyard, we agreed to take a tour. There was a small group already forming – 6 or so – and we joined.

I was the only native English speaker on the tour. Our guide kindly offered to to do the tour in both English and Spanish but I encouraged him to do it only in Spanish but asked if he would speak a little slower. I actually picked up quite a bit – even with vocabulary I might not have known prior.

To my delight, our guide kept the question and answer sessions in Spanish.

maipu 2


The vineyard’s property extends to the farthest row of trees in the distance. Not to mention the property that I am standing in front of.


Rafael and I.


Standard vineyard shots. Don’t the color of those grapes look incredible?


There’s something so pretty about these rows…row after row, after row after row, and not a vine out of place.



Connecting with locals through Couchsurfing

[massive catching up to do while continuing from the January 9, 2014 post while storytelling from my time in South America]

Since I had good luck with couch surfing in Uruguay, I reached out to the Couchsurfing community and connected with a fellow couch surfer whose home was Mendoza. We met for a submarino and then, since the website is all about connecting travelers with locals, he insisted that he could show me around his hometown.

As we toured town by foot, he told stories of his hometown as we pointed out some of the beautiful architecture. Sometimes you never know where your day will take you. This day, in particular, brought me back to a square in Seville, Spain. Such similarities to the tiles and the colors…sometimes it is just a really small world, after all.

(For the record, this is still Mendoza, Argentina.)

mendoza1 mendoza2 mendoza3 mendoza4 mendoza5

before the clock strikes midnight

For a variety of reasons I neglected my blog in 2014. I plan on reversing that in 2015 to get back to the writing and storytelling that I love.

If you missed my writing, I did have a bit of travel writing published this year. I plan to update the ‘articles’ section soon with those links. Check back soon.

In the meantime, here’s one of the published articles. This one was published on the Huffington Post earlier this year — Six Tips to Ace Your First Business Trip

A happy and healthy new year to you. Thanks for reading. Much appreciated.

More in 2015.

Searching for WiFi and a Pleasant Surprise

The next day I didn’t have a plan (shocking, right?). I left with Marissa when she left for work. I planned to find WiFi and possibly find a wine tour, which all left super early. My search for a café with WiFi took longer than expected so I didn’t order anything until I could confirm a WiFi connection. I felt that the lack of WiFi was synonymous to my current situation and compounded the loneliness I was starting to feel.

When I finally found a successful WiFi connection, I ordered another submarino. If you have the opportunity to try one of these most delicious hot chocolate-like drinks, I highly recommend tasting one.

Finding out all the tours to the wineries had left for the day I was convinced that I was SOL for the day. I sent a note to local Couchsurfing hosts in Mendoza to see if anyone was around because I was up for anything.

Where Do You Think I Am?

If your first guess is a deli counter at a local supermarket, you are wrong.

I am at the hardware store. I needed to buy a converter for Argentinian outlets and this is what I get upon arriving into the shop. I let them know I was just making a purchase, I didn’t need anything other than a converter and was directed to take a number.

hardware store

Malbec and tablecloths, oh my!

I dropped my bags and Marissa and I headed out for dinner. We went to a real, honest-to-goodness restaurant; including tablecloths! We didn’t take but one photo but we toasted glasses of Argentina’s own Malbec and laughed at the absurdity of the whole situation. The portions were huge so we took our leftovers to go and in turn learning a new phrased while asking for it to go, para llevar.

After dinner we did get onto our respective computers and Skyped, she with her sister, and me with the boyfriend. We each waved to the other’s Skyper so that if we wound up murdered or missing the next day, the other family would know who did it.

Thankfully, we both awoke and she headed off to work and with no plans, I headed out to wander and explore more of Mendoza for the day. Until it would be a socially acceptable hour to meet Marisa at the Vines … again … for Mendoza’s finest libations.


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