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Derby Day!

Today kicks off the season of my favorite three sporting events! The Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes!

Funny that I have been to two of the three races, yet not the one that’s the closest, geographically!

For years friends in Maryland hosted quite a crowd for the Preakness weekend. Drive down late, stay over and get up early. A 50 person bus loaded with food and beer and excited revelers made it’s way to Pimlico. The first year we went, no one ever remembered even seeing a horse. Spent our time hanging out in the infield. Over the years, as we continued to make the journey, we started to actually notice the horses.

Then, four years ago a friend and I went to the Derby in Louisville, by way of Cincinnati. The Derby takes it up a notch with the fancy hats…both in the stands and in the infield.

I used to go with some guys at work, ok, let’s be honest, they are probably close to my dad’s age, to the OTB two blocks from the office. Thanks to NYC’s ban on the OTB’s, it is not that easy this year. Thankfully, one of those guys was planning to visit a track near his home this morning to place bets. What’s a girl to do? I gave him $30 and some bets!

I think I’m infield Preakness’d out but I’d definitely like to go back to Louisville. Getting to the Belmont, a mere train ride away, is just as elusive as the Triple Crown!

In the meantime…Go, Go, GO Calvin Borel!