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One day #indie30

The prompt for the BootsnAll indie writing project is ‘one day.’

I can’t limit myself to just one because I had two perfect travel days this past year.

1. Seeing my grandma’s face light up when I surprised her in Florida this past July for her 81st birthday.

2. Seeing my sister freak out when I showed up in Arizona earlier this month to celebrate her 30th birthday weekend.

Both times I had trouble sleeping all week in utter excitement. As each of the flights neared their destination, I had butterflies in my stomach and couldn’t wait to get on the ground!

The excitement from the plane was similar to how I felt when I was getting ready to land in Ushuaia, but that was excitement for the unknown. These surprises were known. To me. I knew that by making a surprise appearance, I would make two very special women extremely happy.

That’s the magic of air travel.


South of the Border (and I’m not talking about Mexico!)

Anyone who has done the ride down I-95 to Florida has absolutely passed South of the Border en route.

The signs for Pedro and his friends would start hours before reaching the North Carolina / South Carolina border.

Check out this link for some examples of the billboards on the way down.

I remember those signs were more fun than the place itself. But if you wanted cheap cigarettes, fireworks or any little trinket, this was the place to be.

What’s the kitchiest roadside attraction you’ve ever visited? Do share in the comments below!

WHY my hair?

Went through security at Fort Lauderdale International Airport the other day. I went through this new machine (at least I have never seen it) where you go in sideways and you have to raise your hands above your head and stand there for a few seconds without moving. If you move, you are pulled for a pat down. So I stood as still as I could.

I’m not sure they know how to use the machine because it got backed up a bit while they had to reset it. In order to keep the line moving they were directing certain people in my line to the regular machine. I was curious to see this crazy machine, I’ve seen a lot, but never this one, so I hoped I got to go through this particular line, and I did.

When I came out, I was pulled to the side, because apparently it takes another thirty seconds to get the result. My result was fine, except, the TSA agent had to go through my hair. Like a pat down of my hair? What could possibly be in there? The ponytail holder had no metal in it, and besides, my hair is usually up when I am at an airport anyway.

I didn’t ask because I was flabbergasted, but what could I possibly be hiding in my hair? I don’t even have big hair where you might be able to sneak something in it. Maybe it was so soft and luscious, the TSA agent just had to cop a feel.

WHY Wednesday

“Just a peaceful, easy feeling”

Spent the day at the beach on Saturday.

The ocean air smells better, and feels good too. We spent the day people watching and feeling the sea breeze.

We were not proper beach-bound (I can’t ask an 81 year old to walk on the sand when she can’t manage that well on regular land) but I did get my feet in the water and walked in the sand.

The ocean had four shades of blue. There were few clouds in the sky.

It was nice and sunny and hot but once we got close to the sea, the heat lifted and the cool breezes surrounded us.

I wish sand castles were real because I would choose to live in one. Except during Florida’s hurricane season.

A is not for aisle (seat)

All the people jockeying for seat changes at the gate cracked me up.

I had noticed an old man asking for an upgrade, a family with kids, and a couple all asking at the gate.

I had originally booked a middle seat which was the only thing available. I love window seats as close to the front of the plane as possible. When I checked in 24 hours before my flight, I was able to score 10A. Upon arriving at the airport, I checked at the kiosk one last time, and 6A was open for the taking. Perfect! I only had a carry-on and I was so close to the front of the plane so I knew I would be waiting at the curb for my ride very soon after I landed.

I arrived at my row and this guy who was part of the couple asking at the gate was in my seat. Lets take a step back for a second. I had seen the woman in first class on my trek back to 6A. When I told him he was in my seat, this guy, a well dressed professional, said “you have 6A?” I said “yes, A is the window.” He looked at his ticket and I just looked at him. He said “are you sure?” I said “yes, I’m certain.” Now I was getting annoyed. Clearly he wasn’t happy with his seat in the first place since he was at the gate prior to boarding but seriously? My ticket is right, you know it, and you are going to act like I am in the wrong? No sir.

The next part happened in what seemed like slow motion. He had already made himself at home in my seat, so resentfully closed up his half eaten sandwich and moved it to the middle tray, put his (read: my) tray table up and closed his laptop. After what seemed like an eternity he stood up and sighed. As if it were any consolation I said “the woman at the gate said the middle is going to be empty.” (which he already knew because his wife was living large in first class. He then mosied into the aisle so I could get to MY window seat. And the kicker, when this guy stood up, he had to be nearly six feet tall. In what world is the window seat comfortable for him? I just hate getting hit by the stupid drink carts, and I like controlling the window shades and I also like having a place to rest my head should I want to nap.

Then, throughout the flight, his actions let me know he was a frequent traveler with his Bose noise cancelling headphones, and the research for paving stones and backyard lighting (yes, I am that nosy) he was doing on his laptop. He was also looking at patient medical records and typing up notes (this was not me being nosy so much as all of the paperwork was sprawled out on the middle seat and tray table). Not sure what he was doing but I have to assume that he wasn’t an idiot, or a new traveler.

So yes, sir, on our plane, 6C was in fact an aisle. 6A was the window. On a flight with three seats on each side of the aisle, A and F are those coveted seats.

Where do you like to sit on a plane? Have you ever sat in another seat waiting to see if anyone would call you on it? Do tell in the comments below.


I absolutely love surprises. But I’m never usually the surprisee. More often than not, I am the surpriser.

Surprise success yet again! I made it to Florida and was able to surprise my grandma for the weekend. I never tell her when I am coming and I’ve done these surprise trips for what seems like a billion times. I am pretty sure she has caught on by now – especially when I show up near her birthday or a few times for Mother’s Day – but the surprise is just so.much.fun.

I do realize that surprising an 80-year-old woman is probably not the best idea but she is usually sitting down when I surprise her. She is going to be 81 on Sunday and aren’t birthdays about celebrating with the ones you love?

Observant in Orlando

I told you I’d share some observations about my day at Universal, but I am going to share my biggest observation about Orlando as a whole.

If foreign visitors only see Orlando, and want to generalize, they must think Americans are buffet-eating, line-pushing, souvenir-collecting kind of people. 

The same could be said if they add Las Vegas to their US itinerary.

Wild, errr, Warm Weather

This is a scheduled post but as I write this Saturday’s forecast is 90 degrees in Orlando and 51 degrees at home.

Not a bad forecast for wedding number two of three in April.

Universal Observations

Heading to Universal Studios today! Am sure I will have a ton of observations as I haven’t been to a theme park in years.

Stay tuned.

Buggery part two – phew!


Received the report from Risk Management, confirming there were no bed bugs in the room.

As I say, rules are made to be broken. Clearly, their “policy” about not sending the report is a flexible one. Am certain my letter to the CEO helped get me that report. Not as quickly as I would have liked but 8 days is not so bad. 

Power for the people!

Inspection Report