Breathtaking Travel Moment

One of my most memorable landings was flying from El Calafate (which was an amazing place in and of itself) and landing in Ushuaia, Argentina.

I have always known that I wanted to travel to the ends of the earth and had already scoped out a few places to keep on my radar – Kiribati Islands anyone?

Then it just so happened that quite a few seasons ago on The Amazing Race, teams traveled to Ushuaia. I immediately fell in love and knew I would have to get to the southernmost city one day.

Somewhere in the air, I just couldn’t believe we were finally heading there! The flight was just about an hour from El Calafate and I couldn’t wait to land! I felt like a little kid, I was so giddy with excitement. Because Ushuaia is basically surrounded by mountains and water the scenery that you can see on the descent into town is amazing!

When we landed, I couldn’t wait to get off the plane. I was just absolutely and completely in jaw-dropping awe that we had arrived at the ‘end of the world.’


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