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Touring: The New York Public Library

I recently stopped by the New York Public Library to take a walk around the inside. Thinking back I don’t know if I have ever even been inside the NYPL before.

First, as I was walking up the iconic steps up to the library, a woman walking just ahead of me fell. Scared the crap out of me. Surprisingly, this woman wasn’t me, but she tripped over some misplaced construction equipment (safety fail by the way). Several of us went right over to her to make sure she was okay. Human kindness at its finest as there were quite a few of us checking on her.

Second, I was surprised at how many people were inside on a weekday. The place was packed. Packed! And not just with tourists checking the place out.

People were working on the libraries’ desktops, personal laptops, netbooks and blackberries. Seats in the various reading rooms were hard to come by for sure.

Because I am nosy, er, curious, I wanted to see what people were doing in the library. I snuck a few glances around. People were writing papers, doing research, playing on Facebook, perusing Google and <gasp> reading.

There were a vast amount of people, and all ages, ethnicities and gender. Who are these people? Are they students? Writers? Researchers? My curiosity was piqued.

I did log on as well to check out any must do’s or sees at the New York Public Library. Thanks to one site, I found out there was a Map Room. Imagine that. Right up my alley. I immediately packed my bag up and set off to find this Map Room.

Inside, there were globes, maps and so many people just as in awe as I was. I could have spent hours checking out old globes and maps and just releasing my inner explorer.

The library had beautiful architecture and an amazing collection of books. In fact, I stumbled upon an entire wall of World Book Encyclopedias. Remember those?

Have you ever been to the New York Public Library? What were you looking for? Did you find it?

Mortality Check

This morning a 41-year-old woman was killed by an elevator in her midtown Manhattan office building en route to work.

She works in the same industry I used to, and in fact, I had a very similar job as she did.

It was a freak accident but it is a grim reminder that life is very fragile.

There were apparently two other people in the elevator that likely saw this woman get killed.

My heart breaks for every one of these three people and their families.

It is clearly time to reassess your mortality.

Wandering Earl

I had the opportunity to meet Wandering Earl this week.

Very cool. For those of you that think I travel a lot – I haven’t even scratched the surface compared to Earl.

Take a look at his blog. Get inspired!

Never Forget.

Never forget. September 11, 2001.

Ten Years Ago

I had just quit my temporary job in Pennsylvania just before Labor Day and I was focusing on getting a job in Manhattan. I would waitress at night and look for jobs and set up interviews during the day.

Ten years ago today, I had an interview in New York City, on Madison Avenue. Ten years ago tomorrow, I had another, in the Empire State Building. At nine in the morning.

On my way leaving the city on Monday, September 10, I found myself transferring trains at the World Trade Center to catch the Path Train to Newark where I would catch a New Jersey Transit train home. While walking towards the Path Train in the basement of the Trade Center, I thought to myself, I should go up to the top of the Trade Center. I haven’t been up there since I was a kid.

I  convinced myself not to take the ride up. I had a date later that night. I was getting picked up at home to head into Philly later that night. So I didn’t go to the top. I figured there would be more opportunities.

Little did I know, there wouldn’t be.

Holy Moly!

Check out this water. The Hudson River has been this lovely shade of brown for days now.

Am I back in Argentina? Am I in Tigre, to be exact?

Unfortunately, no. And while Tigre’s water was brown, the locals took great care to keep it clean. This water…I wouldn’t dip my toes in much less wash dishes in.

Note: In order to get the full gist of this post, you will need to click both links!

Wear you down Weather

With all the excitement about Irene, I didn’t even mention the earthquake that rattled the Northeast last week. Probably because I never even felt it.

I was at work on the 6th floor in an iconic building in New York City and didn’t feel anything. People all around me did. Truth be told, I was a little bummed I didn’t feel it.

One of the women I sit near actually thought she was getting dizzy and had taken a sip of water. She didn’t say anything until after it was announced that there was, in fact, an earthquake. If she had said something sooner, maybe I would have felt something!

And since hurricane season lasts a few more months, this Gawker article on prepping for the next hurricane is definitely worth a read. And for you naysayers, who are you kidding, there’s definitely going to be another – another something anyway. We just had a hurricane, an earthquake and a tornado warning in one week.