Ten Years Ago

I had just quit my temporary job in Pennsylvania just before Labor Day and I was focusing on getting a job in Manhattan. I would waitress at night and look for jobs and set up interviews during the day.

Ten years ago today, I had an interview in New York City, on Madison Avenue. Ten years ago tomorrow, I had another, in the Empire State Building. At nine in the morning.

On my way leaving the city on Monday, September 10, I found myself transferring trains at the World Trade Center to catch the Path Train to Newark where I would catch a New Jersey Transit train home. While walking towards the Path Train in the basement of the Trade Center, I thought to myself, I should go up to the top of the Trade Center. I haven’t been up there since I was a kid.

I  convinced myself not to take the ride up. I had a date later that night. I was getting picked up at home to head into Philly later that night. So I didn’t go to the top. I figured there would be more opportunities.

Little did I know, there wouldn’t be.


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