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One day #indie30

The prompt for the BootsnAll indie writing project is ‘one day.’

I can’t limit myself to just one because I had two perfect travel days this past year.

1. Seeing my grandma’s face light up when I surprised her in Florida this past July for her 81st birthday.

2. Seeing my sister freak out when I showed up in Arizona earlier this month to celebrate her 30th birthday weekend.

Both times I had trouble sleeping all week in utter excitement. As each of the flights neared their destination, I had butterflies in my stomach and couldn’t wait to get on the ground!

The excitement from the plane was similar to how I felt when I was getting ready to land in Ushuaia, but that was excitement for the unknown. These surprises were known. To me. I knew that by making a surprise appearance, I would make two very special women extremely happy.

That’s the magic of air travel.


Review of the Concert

Not only was it awesome – but Tim McGraw opened with my favorite song and ended with one of my other favorite songs.

It was very cool to be at an outdoor amphitheatre in November – though the temperature did drop a bit and there was a little bit of a chill in the air. But all the singing and dancing warmed me right up. And the beer, that probably helped.

The biggest observation I had with the concert was that NO ONE WAS SINGING.

I felt like my sister and I were the only ones. I shushed her a few times since NO ONE WAS SINGING.

It was nuts. On one trip to the bathroom (ideally timed since it was a song I didn’t love) I heard a few girls saying they got asked to stop singing by someone else. Thankfully that didn’t happen to us, but at least there were other people singing.

For lawn seats, it was the quietest concert I have ever attended!

The Cowboy in Me

After shocking the crap out of my sister on Friday night, I held in her next surprise until Saturday morning.

I handed her another birthday card that held four tickets to see Tim McGraw! He just happens to be playing at a casino opening in Tucson, Arizona this particular birthday weekend (great planning on my part) and J and I are both huge Tim fans.

The cowboy boots made the trip with us and will be worn to the concert tonight. It’s Tim’s first time ever playing in Tucson, which is kind of shocking since it’s cowboy country. And it will be the boyfriend AND the brother-in-law’s first Tim concert. I know they are so excited too (note sarcasm).

If you are wondering, the subject of this post is the title of a Tim song. I may be a city gal, but I’m truly a country gal at heart.

I love a good surprise!

HA! Have I mentioned that I love surprises

I was thinking that my sister might be reading the blog so I figured yesterday’s post would be a great way to totally throw her off. You see, I have been known to pull off some fantastic surprises!

Yep, that’s right, the boyfriend and I flew across the country and showed up at her house on Friday night to pull off a super surprise! 

Some quotes from J over the past few months as she was disappointed that I wouldn’t be coming out (or so she thought!). I heard:

  • ‘You love to travel, why wouldn’t you just come out for my birthday?’
  • ‘It’s not like my 30th birthday just snuck up on you – you’ve known for thirty years’
  • ‘I really wish you would come out and celebrate with me’
  • ‘When am i going to see you next? It’s been almost six months’
  • ‘I miss you.’

Here’s a recent text exchange:

Lil sis (her): I’m going to be 30 in 9 days =-0

Awesome big sis (me): I know but I’m beyond upset that airfare is so ridiculously overpriced that I’m going to miss your entire bday month. Still hoping and looking. I will keep you posted. xo

Lil sis: Yup

Big sis: If I can’t find a flight tomorrow for this weekend or next I’m going to book for December. Let me know what Dec weekends are best.

Lil sis: For someone so on top of her traveling I’m quite surprised this wasn’t already done

Big sis: Can you take any Fri or Mondays off?

Lil sis: No more time left

How bummed was she?! Or so she thought!

J – I wouldn’t have missed your birthday weekend for the world – and coming from me, that’s really saying a lot.

Editors note: If you are following along in real-time, you will notice that blog posts for 11/11 and 11/12 did not post in real-time due to the major surprise element. This also is assuming that J reads my blog every day. There were no surprises harmed in the scheduling of these two posts.