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WHY Does Mother Nature Do This?

Here it is. Another installment of WHY Wednesday.

Dear MN,

We’ve FINALLY had absolutely gorgeous weather the past few days here in the northeast and now there’s an 80% chance of rain tomorrow?! Now, I like a good thunderstorm with lots of lightening as much as the next guy. But why the tease?!

All week I’ve been able to open the screen door along with all the windows when I got home from work to flood my home with the fresh spring air. Last night I even turned on the AC before bed.

What I’d love to do is bring out my sundresses and flip flops…hell, I’m even okay with a spring jacket. But a cold downpour? Just as we’re pulling out our spring wardrobes? Come on. Mother Nature, haven’t we had enough of this gross, horribly long winter?

Put it on your to do list and PLEASE bring on the sun! April showers bring May flowers…and with it should come the sun. Vitamin D lovers will thank you. And while you’re at it, enough with the floods in the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys, and the Southeast. Collectively, we’ve had enough.

So over winter weather


WHY, it’s THAT girl

Without fail, every time it rains, I am THAT girl.

I have left home with no umbrella, I have left work with no umbrella, I have bought so many umbrellas off the street, I have lost count. I’ve also lost most of them too.

When it rains, I am seemingly always dressed inappropriately. For example, today, I left the house in a puffy coat, thinking it would just be raining. I didn’t account for the wild wind, and since I was holding a pocketbook and umbrella, I didn’t have enough hands available to zip it. Or put up my hair. With the wind whipping my hair in every direction, I had to deal with an unruly umbrella, that I finally gave up on.

As I’m in line to board knowing full well I had a ticket in my pocket, why is it that last second before having to hand over the ticket, I cannot find it? Really?

Or what about today, getting dressed up for two client meetings on a rainy day, only to find out one would be cancelled and the other turned into a conference call. I could have been wearing a pair of cords, a sweater and rainboots.

Other examples of this THAT girl experience. If I am wearing pants and heels, I’d leave the heels in office and throw on Converse, dragging the long pants (that are purposely long FOR heels) through the wet city streets.

Sometimes, I won’t even change into sneaks, and then we have the problem of walking through the rain in (probably) uncomfortable, and inappropriate footwear.

Or, if I leave the house in a heavy winter coat, it’s no doubt pouring, or if I left in a light jacket, it’s freezing rain. Either way, totally inappropriate. I do have an old raincoat, and have been meaning to buy a new one. Why do I only think about buying it when I NEED it?

What about making plans on a rainy day, only to show up at the wrong place…and having to hoof it crosstown…in the rain. I can’t make this stuff up.

Brought to you by WHY? Wednesday.

Someday it will be Summer again

Gorgeous day! Is springtime coming? I sure hope so! SO. SICK. OF. WINTER.

If I could chase summertime, I would. Visiting Argentina in February was a tease. To come back to months of dreary gray and cold weather is maddening!

Winter, I am so over you. If you didn’t hold all the cards, we would so be broken up now.

Oh summertime how I miss you so.

Wild, nah, Mild, Weekend

The boyfriend gets upset sometimes because I don’t really like to sit and watch movies. Call it bad movies, call it ADD but I just can’t sit still. Until this weekend.

Sunday movie day! In fact, there were so many good movies on, I had to keep switching channels and/or recording others. Let me make it clear that my idea of good movies is hell for my boyfriend. There was My Best Friend’s Wedding, Notting Hill, Serendipity, Miss Congeniality and I stumbled upon a Sex and the City marathon. Even though I saw every one of these movies and shows countless times, I still managed to spend precious hours on the couch on Sunday.

While I am typically not good at naming movie quotes, I now know it is because I am never asked to quote these kinds of movies. Clearly pop culture never picked up these references and put them into Trivial Pursuit, or bar trivia nights, but it is these references I am good at because I was able to say the line (or close to it) before it happened, detailing the scene before it started.

Movie watching, and small portions of mint chocolate chip ice cream, is part of the recovery process from my trip to the ER on Friday. I did step onto the balcony for a hot five minutes early this morning for fresh air and took a short walk later in the afternoon to fend off stir craziness. Thank you, ridiculous cold spell at the end of March for making my weekend indoors, and mostly on the couch, perfectly acceptable.

Please don’t think I was a complete waste this weekend (even though I am allowed to be). In addition to watching television and sleeping, I showered, did laundry and even managed to clean the floors in the bathroom AND kitchen. Apartment living has its perks – there’s only one bathroom and a small kitchen 😉

I cannot remember the last time I had a weekend this lazy. But for the record, I’m okay to not have another for a long while.

Like I need more encouragement

The New York Times Travel Show was held this past weekend at the Javits Center. I went on Sunday and now the wheels in my head are spinning to decide where to visit next!

Iceland has been at the top of the list for some time – plus their economy tanked so it’s a bargain destination. If you eliminate the Galapagos, Ecuador is also a good bargain against the dollar. Nicaragua is up and coming. Spain and Portugal weren’t in attendance but a return to Spain has been on the list for a while. Egypt had a booth and it will be a great bargain when they stop being in the news.

And if I decide to stay in the country, Maine, Oregon, the Gulf Coast and the Carolinas all seem like good places to visit.

I could go on and on and on…there’s really no where I wouldn’t consider.

Game Day

Take a look at this article – there are recipes inspired by both Green Bay and Pittsburgh. It looks like the real battle is for how many citizens of each city have clogged arteries. Geez.

I do have a personal penchant for both beer and cheese, so in this foodie battle, my heart’s with you for the day, Green Bay.

Observations – Morning Commute

There were no seats left on the bus so I was standing. Of course, there was no where to hold because the handles are on top of the seats and where I was standing the girl sitting had long hair which covered the handle. Instead I surfed*, because I am pretty good at it.
Because I felt like crap and already was achy, it didn’t help that my purse felt like I was carrying a ton of bricks even though it was pretty empty.
The first time the bus stopped it just so happens that one of the seats next to where I was standing opens up. The seat is next to a middle aged woman who’s been talking on her cell loudly and incessantly even before the bus pulled out. I knew this commute was only going to get better because now that I was sitting, I could actually take notes on her conversation.

Here are my observations, which turned into amusement, during my morning commute (you don’t get this in the burbs!):

  • I gather that she travels a lot. ‘January has flown by, I’ve been in LA, Florida and Chicago.’
  • She has had ‘ENOUGH of hotels’ and ‘can’t wait to sleep in my own bed.’
  • I also gather that she works in fashion or has a shoe fetish. She spoke about espadrilles, pumps and flats.
  • More evidence leaning towards working in fashion – she later spoke about different factories and different cities in China
  • She’s ‘not accustomed to public transportation because we had to give up the car once the lease ran out.’ Clearly you are not accustomed to public transport and its golden rules because you are the only one talking on the phone while everyone fidgets with their BlackBerries. Some of us, are even taking notes on your conversation.
  • Words heard multiple times throughout her conversation making me laugh – cuckoo, insanity, crazy, ridiculous and my personal favorite, three ring circus.
  • Every item she is wearing has a designer label from the Prada sunglasses (Really? We’re on a dark bus) to the designer pocketbook (there’s a logo but I don’t know whose it is) and I’d be willing to bet that the overpowering perfume she has on is even a fancy label.

Once it is time for her to get off, she tells me she feels like a bag lady. Only then do I see she has three designer purses (not gym bags – purses) on her lap.

I said we all have those days. She said, its every day for me. I wanted to ask, but didn’t, what could you possibly be carrying in those bags every. single. day?

As she walked to the front of the bus I saw that the fur coat she was wearing was actually floor length. So, she’s right. She really must not use public transport that much, or ever, because the bottom half of that coat would be a mess in the snowy, slushy mess of a city otherwise. I suppose if you have a car, or a driver, you don’t need to climb through mounds of snow to cross the street, or plod through large rivers of slush at street corners like the rest of us.

Eggs and Bread

I did it. In anticipation of not having much in the fridge, and knowing there may be an ice storm, I went to the supermarket last night. And I bought <gasp> eggs and bread. Yes, I did. [If you are confused about this quandary I put myself in, refer to an earlier post about my question of impulse buying milk, eggs and bread before a storm.]

I also bought relish, mushrooms, ice pops and a box of Better Cheddars. Please don’t judge my basket.

Quandary 1: Eggs

Justification: I was thinking that if I got stuck at home I might want to make matzoh ball soup, and for that I need eggs. Additionally, I might want to make omelettes or hard boiled eggs. I was also thinking a few days ahead because I will be making brownies for a Super Bowl party I am going to so in fact I would eventually need to buy eggs this week.

Quandary 2: Bread

Justification: I was also thinking that if I was too lazy to make the soup, a tuna fish sandwich might be easier. And if I am going to think about making a tuna fish sandwich, I may as well buy relish to mix into the sandwich. And, even though we have bread, I was craving potato bread for said sandwich that I may have.

And…the Better Cheddars found their way into my basket because I know there’s no bad snacks at home, except for 6 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Side note: Those are being rationed. I intend to still have a box (or at least a sleeve) well into April.

To offset the Better Cheddars, I bought mushrooms. An easy, healthy snack. Or a nice addition into my possible omelette. Who knows really. The lime ice pops were in the freezer at the checkout line so that was just an impulse buy.

And if you’re reading these posts in order, and wondering, yes, my appetite has indeed returned. It all happened sometime around 6.10p last night when I walked into the supermarket.

Under the Weather

With eight more sleeps til my flight I am working hard to get better. But as for my appetite, it’s missing. This is the only plus to being sick right now. Because later this week I need to figure out how to fit into summer clothes in the dead of winter…especially since my ‘go to the gym’ resolution hasn’t had it’s jump start just yet.

While I’m not eating, I have made Nyquil a daily part of my nighttime routine. Nyquil = weird dreams. Like when you eat sushi. Since I have no appetite, I’m certainly not eating sushi, but it sure as hell tastes better than Nyquil.

31 days, 31 posts

And it is the last day of January (full disclosure: it’s not the last day yet at the very moment I am writing this, because I am writing this days in advance – I love this schedule feature!)

But this will post on the last day of January. 31 days, 31 posts. If only I kept all of my new year’s resolutions until the end of January. So many haven’t even started yet…are they even considered resolutions if they begin in March? Or September?

In the meantime, on to February!