WHY Does Mother Nature Do This?

Here it is. Another installment of WHY Wednesday.

Dear MN,

We’ve FINALLY had absolutely gorgeous weather the past few days here in the northeast and now there’s an 80% chance of rain tomorrow?! Now, I like a good thunderstorm with lots of lightening as much as the next guy. But why the tease?!

All week I’ve been able to open the screen door along with all the windows when I got home from work to flood my home with the fresh spring air. Last night I even turned on the AC before bed.

What I’d love to do is bring out my sundresses and flip flops…hell, I’m even okay with a spring jacket. But a cold downpour? Just as we’re pulling out our spring wardrobes? Come on. Mother Nature, haven’t we had enough of this gross, horribly long winter?

Put it on your to do list and PLEASE bring on the sun! April showers bring May flowers…and with it should come the sun. Vitamin D lovers will thank you. And while you’re at it, enough with the floods in the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys, and the Southeast. Collectively, we’ve had enough.

So over winter weather


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