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Subway Gripes

For some reason I have been taking the subway more often lately. I forgot how amusing it can be down there. When cramming people into a car that travels underground, there are bound to be irritants — and I’m not just talking about the engines.

  • Loud music. Why do I have to hear what you are listening to?
  • People who won’t give up their seat for pregnant ladies and the elderly.
  • People who spread their legs taking up additional seats for said pregnant ladies and elderly people.
  • People with a ridiculous amount of luggage – it would be so much easier for you to take a cab.
  • The gooey liquid dripping from the ceilings of subway stations and the puddles they form on the ground colored with rust and whatever other gross liquids.
  • People who use the emergency exit door to make the alarm go off.
  • People who talk on the phone just as they are walking into the subway – um, hello: there is NO cell service down there.
  • Rude ticket agents. Why do you get to be rude AND keep your job?
  • People who lean on poles. Why does your whole body have to take up the pole when I just want to hold it. The pole. Not your body.
  • People who don’t move into the train car. If you want to stand next to the door, get off the train and be the last one to get back on
  • People that carry backpacks on their backs instead of carrying it at a lower level
  • People who stand and don’t realize where their bags are in relation to a sitting persons head

I’m sure I’m missing loads. What’s your biggest subway gripe?


Instead of Slow Ride, Call it Loud Ride

Getting on a crowded Sunday afternoon train is never fun. Even less so when people decide to put their feet and/or bags on the seats. Unless those bags (or feet)  ought a second seat – remove yourself and your belongings from the seat for a paying passenger.

Oh how I wish we had seats in the quiet car on the way home from our recent weekend in Washington DC.

Not only were we seated in a four seater with the most annoying man ever, but a lady behind us was trying to beat him out for the loud voices contest.

All decided to have conversations, in elevated voices, FOR HOURS. Literally, hours.

I had gotten so annoyed, that I did call one of my friends but her phone went to voicemail.

I really should have called my grandma – being that she’s losing her hearing – it would have made for an interesting ride.

I was seated next to a student who hooked up his laptop and was on the phone for the whole ride. He was switching between English, Spanish and I think Russian.

The lady behind me was updating people on someone’s cancer prognosis. Not something we should all be hearing — and I’m sure said patient doesn’t want her (yes, I can confirm it was a woman thanks to the nature of the conversation) medical information being shared for public broadcast on Amtrak.

These two had no understanding that they were on public transport. It was as if they were in the comfort of their own living rooms.

How urgent is a conversation on a Sunday afternoon that started at the BWI Airport stop and went on once I got out of my seat at Newark?

While no loud conversation is ideal, inside voices would definitely be more appreciated.

Why do people think the world wants to hear their business? WHY WHY WHY?!

For x press 1, for y press 2

Don’t you hate phone chains?

Please press 1, please press 2. After a while I tone out, and usually have to go through the phone tree all over again.

And what about when you’re calling a place and an answering machine tells you their working hours, and you happen to be calling during those working hours, yet no one answers after repeated calls.


What irks you about phone trees and answering machines?

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

I have mentioned before that I am not a fan of golf umbrellas.

I have had to duck more times than I can count. I can’t stand when people hold their umbrella like a spear with no regard for anyone around them.

I always wondered why people kept it up when there was just a drizzle (will they melt if they get wet?) or as they walk under covered buildings, or under scaffolding – where clearly there is already a shortage of personal space.

I bought a golf umbrella, in the shop where I took golf lessons. Note 1: I totally believe that golf umbrellas belong on a golf course.

But as there are more and more golf umbrellas on the streets of Manhattan, I decided to join in to increase my personal space. BUT I will only carry it if it is pouring when I leave my home in the morning. If there’s just a chance of rain, or it hasn’t started, I will bring a normal umbrella. The golf one depends on the timing of when I leave my apartment. It’s not used for just any rainy day.

When I am walking past people taller than me (more likely the case than not) I adjust the height of my umbrella accordingly as to not hit their (more likely the case than not) golf umbrella. Far too many douches with golf umbrellas have no regard for where there points pieces of their umbrella will go…in my face usually.

I noticed there are so many people who simply do not pay attention to where there umbrellas are pointing, or where they are walking.

So as I was recently walking with a co-worker, under my golf umbrella, we noticed two women walking with the umbrella opened like a shield but we could clearly tell they were not looking were they were walking. So, with my golf umbrella I merely tapped their umbrella. I felt that my move reminded them to pay attention.

Uh oh. Does this make me a douche with the golf umbrella?

Me thinks it may be time to get the heck out of NYC 😉

For Reals

I went to the eye doctor this week for a routine exam. Wouldn’t you know later that day, back at my desk, I hit myself straight in the eye with my phone cord. And this is my luck.

WHY must you kick

It seems like nearly every time I fly, I am in front of a child or in front of a person with very long legs.

Because every time, I get kicked in the back. Sometimes it’s by accident, so I wait til the third time.

Depending on how nice they look, it might be a simple, please stop kicking or if they look mean, I’ve resorted to telling them I have just had surgery.

How do you deal with annoying passengers to try to have an enjoyable flight?

WHY don’t they wait?

Who are these people who block the door and push to get on a train or bus before people exit? Same with elevators.

Do these people not realize that they are slowing down the process by blocking the exiting passengers? And for the pushers, why? WHY WHY WHY? Don’t these pushers realize that the people exiting will actually create additional room in an already crowded space?

So they should move out of the way AND wait the TEN SECONDS to let people exit before they decide to push and shove their way on board.

From someone who doesn’t push – but always seems to get pushed.

WHY Wednesday.

Texting and Driving – A Public Service Announcement

With school back in session, I just need to share an important reminder for your own safety!
I know people want to stay connected and for some reason, also while on the road.
Here’s the PSA for the day. Do not under any circumstances text while you are driving – voice to text or not. Any second your eyes are not on the road, there is cause for concern. They say texting is like drinking and driving.
Please please PLEASE do not text and drive ever. While you may be a good driver, what about the people who are not good drivers who are also texting? You need to be defensive and know what and who is around you on the road. Texting takes away those moments that could be used to identify whats up on the road around you.
Texting and driving is an accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately, most taxi drivers wear a blue tooth and spend most of their time driving you around, on the phone. Dialing is bad enough, but usually I am not in the cab when their call ends. If I ever saw one texting, or dialing, I would absolutely say something.
So I’m saying it to all of you, readers, please do not text and drive.
And if you ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY have to talk on the phone, pull over. The person you are talking to cannot see the traffic and activity that you see. If you were simply talking to a passenger in your car, and someone cut you off, the conversation would cut off as well. The person on the phone does not see what you see, so their talking can absolutely distract you.
I don’t talk to anyone in my family if they are calling me while they are driving. I tell them to call me later when they are not handling a motor vehicle. They say, well I have hands-free. I don’t like it. Not one bit.
Please drive safely.

Traffic – For What?

I don’t get in many cars. When I do I find that one of my biggest peeves is sitting in traffic especially when the road just opens right back up, as if nothing caused a crazy jam. A ride that should take just under five hours took nearly eight. Yes, EIGHT.

That is just insane to me. No construction, no accident (thankfully), no merge, no nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. What the heck caused the jam that we were we sitting in?

I should clarify that these are paved roads, major highways and it was a holiday weekend. I expect traffic.

But to sit, and sit and, you guessed it, sit – it’s infuriating! I know the journey is half the fun but a journey where you are actually moving.

The kicker is when all of a sudden the road just opens up and there is absolutely no indication that anything had been wrong? At least give me something, let me know what had caused the delay.

What the $%^&!?

WHY call it a starter?

It drives me nuts when you are in a restaurant and you order an appetizer and a meal, and they come out together.

More often than not this happens when you are seated at a really small table.

Then the server has to do the dance moving salt and pepper shakers and waters and wine glasses to get everything situated.

If I wanted buffet style, I would have gone to a buffet.

WHY Wednesday.