Instead of Slow Ride, Call it Loud Ride

Getting on a crowded Sunday afternoon train is never fun. Even less so when people decide to put their feet and/or bags on the seats. Unless those bags (or feet)  ought a second seat – remove yourself and your belongings from the seat for a paying passenger.

Oh how I wish we had seats in the quiet car on the way home from our recent weekend in Washington DC.

Not only were we seated in a four seater with the most annoying man ever, but a lady behind us was trying to beat him out for the loud voices contest.

All decided to have conversations, in elevated voices, FOR HOURS. Literally, hours.

I had gotten so annoyed, that I did call one of my friends but her phone went to voicemail.

I really should have called my grandma – being that she’s losing her hearing – it would have made for an interesting ride.

I was seated next to a student who hooked up his laptop and was on the phone for the whole ride. He was switching between English, Spanish and I think Russian.

The lady behind me was updating people on someone’s cancer prognosis. Not something we should all be hearing — and I’m sure said patient doesn’t want her (yes, I can confirm it was a woman thanks to the nature of the conversation) medical information being shared for public broadcast on Amtrak.

These two had no understanding that they were on public transport. It was as if they were in the comfort of their own living rooms.

How urgent is a conversation on a Sunday afternoon that started at the BWI Airport stop and went on once I got out of my seat at Newark?

While no loud conversation is ideal, inside voices would definitely be more appreciated.

Why do people think the world wants to hear their business? WHY WHY WHY?!


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