To Another Place and Time

On a recent rainy day I found myself waiting for the F train on the Lexington Avenue line at 63rd Street.

The combination of the rainy day and the deep into the ground subway line reminded me of London.

I think it was the Covent Garden station in London that was so far down into the ground. I took the steps once, but they had these huge cargo elevators to shuttle people from the depths of the earth to street level.

At the 63rd Street station there may be elevators, but what’s iconic are the escalators, and more escalators, just when you think you made it!

Kenny Chesney sings a song called ‘I Go Back’ – it’s about how something in your present ‘takes us to another place and time.’ 

I have plenty of those triggers but the rainy day and the 63rd Street F station was definitely the most recent.

What takes YOU to ‘another place and time’…share in the comments below!


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