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“Just a peaceful, easy feeling”

Spent the day at the beach on Saturday.

The ocean air smells better, and feels good too. We spent the day people watching and feeling the sea breeze.

We were not proper beach-bound (I can’t ask an 81 year old to walk on the sand when she can’t manage that well on regular land) but I did get my feet in the water and walked in the sand.

The ocean had four shades of blue. There were few clouds in the sky.

It was nice and sunny and hot but once we got close to the sea, the heat lifted and the cool breezes surrounded us.

I wish sand castles were real because I would choose to live in one. Except during Florida’s hurricane season.


Record Breaking Heat

Yes, it is hot out today. It is really, really hot. And as for someone who was recently diagnosed with environmental allergies, it’s even a little hard to breathe.

But guess what? It’s really hot for those in loads of gear serving our country in crazy-ass heat in the desert thousands of miles from home. I have the luxury of wearing a summer dress and flip-flops and the only thing I have to carry is my pocketbook. Those guys and gals, they have full on uniforms and pounds upon pounds (not sure how many but I am sure it’s not light) of gear.

When I want to complain, I stop myself because of those men and women serving. And also, because it is not snow and cold and ice.

At least it is acceptable for me to eat ice cream every day in the summer. In the winter, not so much.