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Can I Get An Update?

Delays are a normal part of my airline travel. Running late sometimes is too. I’m a little nervous about missing my flight when I have some spare time at the airport and I decide to grab a drink at the bar or food at a restaurant.

It amazes me that restaurants and bars in an airport terminal don’t have their own little flight board announcing departures and flight status?

Having those little screens inside an airport bar or restaurant would benefit everyone involved, especially when a flight is delayed and can board at a moment’s notice.

  • Restaurants and bars would make additional revenue
  • Airlines would have fewer people asking questions at the gate and hopefully have fewer people stuck at the bar while the flight is completely boarded and ready to go
  • Passengers would have a welcome distraction

It seems like a no brainer. With all the airports I have been in, I don’t recall ever seeing one of these inside the bar or restaurant. I have to  keep leaving to double-check since the announcement systems may not be that reliable.

We may have cowboy boots on, but do you live in a barn?

Yesterday I went to the Kenny Chesney concert at the Meadowlands Stadium. I don’t know why the NYC metro area does not have a country radio station, but the stadium was packed and it’s clear there are loads of fans, myself included.

Of course there were the requisite fans, those who had been drinking all day and were to the point of total and utter obnoxiousness, pushing and screaming their way through crowds of people. And then there were the subtly obnoxious fans…more specifically, the girl who sat in front of my friend and I…in our first of three seats.

First, when she wanted to cut through our row to get to her seat, in the row below, she did not say excuse me, she just sort of barged through the area pushing and shoving into anyone in her way. Is this a barn? Are you a wild animal? Am I showing my age?

The kicker, which started as soon as she sat down, was that she used the stairs as her personal coffee table. She had her beer, her phone, her sunglasses, and later, her fries, all laid out on the stairs. Where people walked. We wanted to tell her that sunglasses belong on your head, your phone in your purse, the beer fits in the handy-dandy uber-convenient cup holder in front of you and your empty thing of fries goes in the trash. Really?

Here’s a photo. I was about to take the picture to document her obnoxiousness with all of her stuff laid out on the stairs. But it turned into an action shot as the guy in the green shorts just kicked over the fries when he had to zig zag around her personal table. I believe the phone and/or the sunglasses landed on the step below.

Perfect timing.

ps – Awesome concert. Even with this girl and the rain (which managed to be the heaviest part of the downpour just as the Zac Brown Band finished up and they were setting up for Kenny), it was incredible. If you have never seen Kenny Chesney live, you have no idea what you are missing. Country fan or not, he puts on such a great show.

Phone trees

How many times do you call a number only to have the recorded voice tell you what number to push for what you need?

And am I the only one that needs to listen to it multiple times because I get bored and stop listening and then realize I totally missed the boat and have to re-listen? I’m afraid to hit any number because what if I am pressing one that is for an emergency?

I wonder if a doctor’s office ever screwed up with the order and put ‘if this is an emergency, press 8’ after the caller had to listen to 7 other button  options.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to you.

Today would have been my grandpa’s 82nd birthday. We were tight. Like not ‘hey I’ve got to call my grandpa because that’s what granddaughters do’ tight, but tight. We’d talk two, three or four times a week for at least an hour. I think it was one of the highlights of his day, and I know it was one of the highlights of mine. When he died, I think that a piece of me died with him. I miss him. Every. Single. Day.

I miss him so much. When I think about him, my heart tightens, my throat closes up and if the timing is right, the tears flow. The feeling hasn’t subsided much after four years, five months and fifteen days and I suspect it never will.

And many more. Except I wish the ‘many more’ were here with me.

Are You Feeling Short of Breath?

The past few days I was feeling fine except for this pesky cough that had me hocking up a lung. So I went to the nurse’s office (yes, we have one at work) to make sure everything was okay.

She did the requisite temperature check and the tongue depressor check, and then out came the stethoscope. I always think I breathe too fast for this to work, and I have my doubts.

But this time, she asked me to breathe in and out, in and out, in and out. Yes, this actually went on about ten times until she asked me if I was feeling short of breath?

You’re asking me to basically pant like a dog over and over and over. Um…YES! Of course I am short of breath!

WHY must you send me ten bills?

For a $250 emergency room visit, WHY must I get eight bills?

First, let me just say I am happy to have the luxury of health insurance. I know there are many people who are without it right now and I know I am fortunate to have it.

Couldn’t the billing process be streamlined a bit?

I have already received a bill for $161.20 from the actual hospital , $44.20 from the doctor IN the hospital and $3.57 for a variety of blood work. According to my health insurance website I’m still waiting for a variety of bills for people who helped treat me. Clearly I’ve just touched the surface. I only received these three bills so far. Looks like I can expect another four, and those are just the ones who have submitted the claim. The woman at my health insurance told me I can probably expect close to ten bills in the end. FOR ONE VISIT?

Couldn’t the hospital compile all the bills so I can just make one payment, in one shot? Some of the bills I am waiting for are $2.57 and $3.87. Seriously? It can’t be consolidated into one bill?  This is 2011. The system is this inefficient?

For all I know I am paying $4 to the guy who wheeled me around for tests and $6 for a technician to read results. These people are needed for the process, but don’t they work for the hospital that already sent me a bill?! Is there no way to streamline bills so the hospital can distribute payment to the appropriate parties? At this rate, I’m waiting to see if I owe any money to the woman who checked me in at the front desk or the man who gave me the CDs of my results.

On top of getting multiple bills for a 8 hour stay, there must be a lot of people who don’t pay their ER bills. Three days, THREE, after I got the bill from the hospital, I got another, identical to the first. I didn’t have time to pay it in three days, so they send another bill? Another day or two passed and then I got a call from the hospital billing department asking for payment over the phone. Really? I know I have about 30 days to pay it, but could you at least give me ten days before you send the billing department after me? What’s next – collections at two weeks?

When I lived in London, I had COBRA from my parents and thankfully I never had to visit a hospital or doctor in all the time I was away and traveling. If I was feeling sick, I went to the chemist. I’d tell him or her what was wrong, they’d direct me to an aisle, and I’d get meds…some of which would be considered prescription in the States. There, most everything was available over the counter. Paid for the meds and possibly pick up a few more things (it was like going to CVS or Rite Aid in the States) and I was on my way.

Obviously, when your doctor tells you to go to the emergency room – and he says ‘do not pass go, do not collect $200,’ you go. There was no way around it. But couldn’t the hospital just collect the $200 or $300, or whatever the costs after insurance will ultimately be, and distribute it to everyone that gets a cut?! WHY is this billing system such a waste of time, effort and paper? WHY?

WHY Wednesday.

Petty Players & Shitty Sportsmanship

As I watched part of the LA vs Dallas basketball playoff game yesterday, I was disgusted by the Los Angeles Lakers behavior.

The Lakers were down three games to zero in the best of seven series, and pretty far behind point-wise in the game. As one of the Dallas players was jumping to take a shot, a Laker came by and elbowed him. Not to be outdone, another Laker shoved the Dallas player while he was taking a shot in mid-air. Not by accident, not to block him, but to actually hurt him.

What a total and complete douche bag.

I’m pretty certain there are technical terms for the play but as I watched, I was totally appalled by the behavior of his, and his other teammates (who were also ejected during the game). One guy even took off (read: ripped it off in anger) his jersey as he was being ejected. What poor, poor sportsmanship. Great way to set an example for impressionable children who may look up to you (note sarcasm).

I’m not an avid watcher, but the way it looks to me, the Lakers are pissed they are getting swept. Instead of playing like real men to finish off their season actually trying to score, they decide to physically hurt the opposing team, who will be moving forward to the next round. What a bunch of cry babies. You are overpaid men, who unfortunately have achieved celebrity status, playing a GAME. Get over yourselves and man up.

I’m not sure how the NBA decides suspensions, or punishments, but I think this guy, and his teammates should be suspended for the better part of next season, if they play at all. They are not mentors, they are not people to be looked up to or worshiped by the general public. They are examples of poor sportsmanship and petty actions because they are losing…waaah, waaah.

A simple Google search to find ‘Lakers player shoved Dallas player’ to find the guy’s name found that ‘shove’ must be the key trigger word because I found loads of Lakers shoving people…Dallas players, pregnant cashiers. Keep it classy LA Lakers. Playing on Mother’s Day, I’m sure you made your moms and Phil Jackson, likely coaching his last game, so proud.

Go Dallas.