Can I Get An Update?

Delays are a normal part of my airline travel. Running late sometimes is too. I’m a little nervous about missing my flight when I have some spare time at the airport and I decide to grab a drink at the bar or food at a restaurant.

It amazes me that restaurants and bars in an airport terminal don’t have their own little flight board announcing departures and flight status?

Having those little screens inside an airport bar or restaurant would benefit everyone involved, especially when a flight is delayed and can board at a moment’s notice.

  • Restaurants and bars would make additional revenue
  • Airlines would have fewer people asking questions at the gate and hopefully have fewer people stuck at the bar while the flight is completely boarded and ready to go
  • Passengers would have a welcome distraction

It seems like a no brainer. With all the airports I have been in, I don’t recall ever seeing one of these inside the bar or restaurant. I have to  keep leaving to double-check since the announcement systems may not be that reliable.


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