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It’s not so much that what you are doing is particularly dangerous

I think this is an appropriate post today. The 24th is significant. It was the day in January I left, and it was the day in March I returned.The 24th of May is significant because I have now been back on US soil as long as I was gone.The time back on US soil has largely not been in my own home so I am still settling in. I have loads of friends I have yet to catch up with. I have had to revise my answers to similar questions, not because I am not sure of the answer, but because there are so many stories to tell and I don’t want to regurgitate the same ones!Where does one even begin? I knew once I started writing that part would be easy. The stories and the photographs speak for themselves. It was where to start that was difficult.I have decided that a good place to start is here. At the beginning. Or the end. However you want to look at it.Before I left I received the email below from a friend of my sister. Well, I should say she is my friend too. My sister happened to meet her first. We have very similar personalities. No wonder my sister, J, took to P so well.P sent me this email before I left but because I was so crazed with preparations I didn’t get a chance to read it until I was on the road. I did not realize the impact until I was traveling.

I cannot count the number of times I reread this motivational email on my trip (when I actually had an internet connection).


Hi there,

I’m sure if you had calmed down or if you are back to freaking out.  There is something about quitting your job without having another that is akin to a leap of faith.  Jumping off a cliff without surveying the water below.  I’ve felt that and the uncertainty that comes along with it, so I get it if you are all nerves.  I hope you are mostly excited, though.

I just wanted to write you before you leave and tell you how completely jealous I am.  I’ve been thinking about you this last week while I trudge through the misery of daily life/work and I admire your bravery.  It’s not so much that what you are doing is particularly dangerous, but I think that choosing to travel solo is a brave and uncommon thing (for most people).  It’s going to be such an amazing experience.  I wish I were as brave as you because even if I had the money I can’t say that I would be able to get up the nerve to travel around a foreign continent on my own.  Even though I secretly long to!

I hope that you have the time of your life!  Once you are back let’s secretly plan to ambush J with a trip of sorts…even if we have to bind, gag and carry her away in the night to do it.

Safe travels!