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It’s Just Water

Why must people keep their umbrellas raised when walking under scaffolding? WHY? You aren’t even getting wet and there’s so little room for the width of the umbrellas!

Same goes for people who keep their umbrella raised as they walk down the steps into the subway.

And I saw a woman going from an office into a waiting car — with a guy holding an umbrella over her head for the walk from the building to the curb. I thought for a second, maybe she just had her hair done, but the office she was leaving was a doctor’s office according to the nameplate on the door.

I want to tell these people that they won’t melt if they get a little wet. They can’t be exposed for ten seconds to the elements?


Locked out

Who forgets keys? Me!

It was raining so I couldn’t even just wait it out on a bench, so instead I decided to wander in the local CVS. There was so much that I could have purchased, but the thought of carrying it eight blocks in the pouring rain, even with my golf umbrella, does not bode well for me.

Plus my rewards card is on my keys.

Instead I decided to wander in the supermarket which is essentially across the street from my apartment building.

A couple of things I noticed as I wandered around to kill time:

  • Why does supermarket keep bottles of soy sauce on such high shelves?
  • Why do they keep the bags for your umbrellas in the middle of the store? Not near either entrance?
  • What demotes something to the  absolute bottom shelf? I mean I know companies pay for eye level or even kid eye level but do the companies with the stuff on the bottom just say ‘screw it if people really want to buy it, they will hunt us down anyway.’

To top it all off I wrote down notes for this post as I waited outside my apartment door for the boyfriend to come home as I was eating string cheese (total impulse buy) that I had just bought right outside of my door

That’s right. Keeping it classy.

Out of Office Reply

The boyfriend and I met an Italian while in Argentina. He was a lovely man who was very much up to speed with US politics, government and vacation days.

Whenever we meet people on our travels, and we confirm that yes, we don’t get six or eight weeks of vacation, the looks, the gasps and the sheer disbelief is embarrassing. I guess they think it’s not the truth, until they ask…only to find out that it is.

Our new Italian friend was clearly distraught by the lack of vacation time offered in the States. He told us that it’s our collective fault. By accepting two weeks of vacation, we, as Americans, have made it okay for companies to continue to offer only two weeks of vacation.

WHY are two weeks socially acceptable? That’s not enough time to recharge ones batteries…no matter where you decide to go…whether it’s across the ocean, or being a tourist in your own town.

When I worked in London, I had four weeks of vacation PLUS the week between Christmas and New Years — and I was only going to be working there for about five months! When I returned to the States and started a job with a company based in the UK, I was offered the same four weeks of vacation PLUS the week between Christmas and New Years.

I don’t know if our Italian friend thinks we should cause an uprising but I have to agree with him. I also have to assume that no one ever laid on their death bed and said, ‘damn I wish I spent more time in the office.’

Why I hate shopping

Yes, it’s true. I prefer online shopping because I can do it in my pajamas, there aren’t any rude people knocking into me, I don’t have to see that the last shirt in my size is in a ball on the floor in the dressing room and I can fill up my shopping bag and come back later.

In store I am forced to ask these questions:

  • Why do stores hang clothes so high that only seven-foot models can pull it off without bringing the whole rack down?
  • How do stores expect me to dig through neatly folded sweaters without creating a total mess when I’ve got a whole lot of clothes hanging over one arm?
  • Why is the petite section the most disorganized section in the store?
  • Why are jeans in the regular height people section jeans displayed so the sizes are clearly showing without making a mess like the said sweaters yet in the petite section they are on hangers with the sizes facing the wall?
  • Why is the store filled to the brim with clothes and displays making me a bull in a china shop? (I know the answer to this – to maximize retail space!)

Ann Taylor LOFT, this time I am talking to you. But I love your clothes, I think your staff is actually helpful, your dressing rooms are clean and you have great coupons. But your store, one of the only womens clothing stores in Manhattan I will voluntarily venture into, stresses me out.

But let’s put this into perspective – at least I go into your store. I refuse to venture into Macy’s in NYC unless absolutely, positively necessary. In nearly 10 years working in New York City, I can count on my hands how many times I have walked into that store — and it’s usually with tourist friends who want to see it. So Ann Taylor LOFT — you’re not THAT bad.

WHY can’t summer stay?

The weather the past few days has been delightful, and it really makes for good spirits (if you weren’t an achy mess). Wouldn’t it be nice if in the depths of winter, we could get two summer-like days each month just to get out of those dismal and cold spells for just 48 hours?

WHY do you have to leave summer weather? Stay a little longer.

WHY Isn’t There a Cure?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Most of my WHY Wednesdays are complaints and most are silly and in good fun. But this post, this is for real.

I don’t think I know anyone that doesn’t know anyone affected by cancer — breast or otherwise. I know far too many people affected by this horrible disease.

Here’s my plea today. Be aware. Get checked. Take care of yourself. Ensure you are aware.

And if you are so inclined, make a donation to one of the many organizations that look to find a cure for any cancer of your choosing – there are plenty.

Just because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month doesn’t mean you can’t be aware of all the cancers out there. There are plenty of organizations, including the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Uniting Against Lung Cancer.

Because the biggest question should be WHY. WHY isn’t there a cure?

Full disclosure: A close friend of mine works for Uniting Against Lung Cancer. I have not been asked to include her organization, and I receive absolutely no incentive for doing so.

I know breast cancer survivors and I have a very dear friend whose mother lost her battle. Both of my ‘poppys’ battled with lung cancer. Eradicating cancer is very close to my heart.

WHY Should I Have All the Fun?


Some of you send me rough ideas for WHY Wednesdays…and I thought WHY should I be the only one posting for WHY Wednesday?

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WHY Oh Why

Why does food poisoning linger and ruin the whole darn day? Why can’t you get it out of your system and be done with it? In one shot. There’s no need for it to be an all day affair. One and done.

I was struck with either food poisoning or something that absolutely did not agree with me last week. While spending a lazy day on the couch at home dealing and recovering, I noticed that daytime television doesn’t cater to viewers with food poisoning or even a sour stomach. I did a ton of channel changing because watching the morning news shows was making me even sicker. Each segment focused on food or drink and sometimes food and drink. It wasn’t until I scrolled into the higher numbered channels where I could find old 90s sitcoms, and ultimately doze off for a bit. (This is a compliment to those old shows.)

What I did learn is that I should have a back up bottle of ginger ale and saltines in my kitchen for days like this. The current beverage choices in my fridge were various flavors of seltzer, water, apple juice, grapefruit juice and tomato juice. Those juices were not ideal for a sour stomach. I never got enough energy up to go and make those crucial purchases. But now I know – those are definitely my emergency kit, and need to be a staple in my household.

WHY Wednesday.

WHY don’t they wait?

Who are these people who block the door and push to get on a train or bus before people exit? Same with elevators.

Do these people not realize that they are slowing down the process by blocking the exiting passengers? And for the pushers, why? WHY WHY WHY? Don’t these pushers realize that the people exiting will actually create additional room in an already crowded space?

So they should move out of the way AND wait the TEN SECONDS to let people exit before they decide to push and shove their way on board.

From someone who doesn’t push – but always seems to get pushed.

WHY Wednesday.

WHY call it a starter?

It drives me nuts when you are in a restaurant and you order an appetizer and a meal, and they come out together.

More often than not this happens when you are seated at a really small table.

Then the server has to do the dance moving salt and pepper shakers and waters and wine glasses to get everything situated.

If I wanted buffet style, I would have gone to a buffet.

WHY Wednesday.