Locked out

Who forgets keys? Me!

It was raining so I couldn’t even just wait it out on a bench, so instead I decided to wander in the local CVS. There was so much that I could have purchased, but the thought of carrying it eight blocks in the pouring rain, even with my golf umbrella, does not bode well for me.

Plus my rewards card is on my keys.

Instead I decided to wander in the supermarket which is essentially across the street from my apartment building.

A couple of things I noticed as I wandered around to kill time:

  • Why does supermarket keep bottles of soy sauce on such high shelves?
  • Why do they keep the bags for your umbrellas in the middle of the store? Not near either entrance?
  • What demotes something to the  absolute bottom shelf? I mean I know companies pay for eye level or even kid eye level but do the companies with the stuff on the bottom just say ‘screw it if people really want to buy it, they will hunt us down anyway.’

To top it all off I wrote down notes for this post as I waited outside my apartment door for the boyfriend to come home as I was eating string cheese (total impulse buy) that I had just bought right outside of my door

That’s right. Keeping it classy.


2 responses to “Locked out

  • Honey Trek (@HoneyTrek)

    At CVS, you no longer need your card (same at A&P, and also Duane Reade), now all you need is your phone number. so you can save all that crap on your keychain, and in your wallet, and streamline 🙂

  • simply three cents

    What will they come up with next?! I don’t carry the cards in my wallet though I know someone very close to me who does. But I’m not sure I can part with the keychain fobs just yet…Thanks for the heads up – good to know the next time I lock myself out 😉

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