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Super impressed by the speedy response of one of my favorite brands, that quite unfortunately, failed me at retail last week.
I sent this email to customer care on Wednesday, August 24 @ 9.10 AM:


I couldn’t wait for you to open in Rockefeller Center and now I regret my decision.
1 – I had a partially filled gift card and without fail, every single time I visited (4x) there was a problem with it. Eventually it worked but not before I felt like I was a hassle to the team. Once I was asked to pay with another form of payment, even though there was more than enough on the card. 

2 – Which prompted me to write today — I paid for my purchase (half with the remaining balance on my gift card and half in cash) — of course it took forever to pay so my drink was ready before I even stepped away from the register. I was handed the drink, handed my money.

Sure enough a few seconds after I walked away from the counter, my drink started to leak, and leak. The cap popped off and I was the woman holding the leaky Orange Dream Machine in the elevator. I wasn’t given any napkins, of course, so it was my receipt that I was trying to use as a makeshift napkin until I could get up to my office.

Of course in the meantime the drink was spilling – down my dress (which I had JUST picked up from the dry cleaners) and down my leg. My hands were sticky and of course I had to reach into my pocketbook for my work ID so who knows what has orange stickiness on it now. Since Orange Dream Machine is part milk product, and I hate the smell of sour milk, I now feel gross and sticky. And my day has just started.

So much for Jamba brightening my day. It has, no pun intended, completely soured it.

Perhaps I will stick with the Dunkin Donuts just next door.

I also used Twitter …

@JambaJuice soured my morning. My drink was over filled, lid popped off and #Orange Dream Machine dripped down my leg and stained my dress. 
I received this response to my email on Wednesday, August 24 @ 1.29 PM [less than four hours later, and I think it only took that long because they are on the West Coast]. There was no Twitter response then, or now, a week later.


Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.  Although we are sorry to read about your experience, we find your feedback very helpful in that you point out specifics and give us direction as to where we need to improve.  On behalf of all of us here at Jamba Juice, please accept our sincerest apologies for the poor service and product we provided you at our Rockefeller Center location.  From what you have described, we have some additional training and coaching to perform right away.

 We have shared your feedback with our field management team for review and follow up with the members of our team at this location.  We pride ourselves on offering our customers a positive, uplifting experience.  We greatly appreciate you allowing us the opportunity to address your concerns and to make things right.

If you would please provide us with your mailing address, I would be happy to mail you a couple complimentary 16 oz. beverage cards for you to use on your next visit. More importantly, we will address these service issues right away.  

Thank you again and have a nice day!


My final response:


Thanks for your prompt response. Because of the busy, and therefore, ideal, location, additional training is a must.

I have worked in many consumer-facing jobs, and I believe good customer service and a good product are of utmost importance. I’m glad you think so too.

Thank you for the gift cards. My address is X.

Thanks again.

I received three gift cards in the mail exactly one week later.

Way to go Jamba Juice. It’s not about getting free stuff. It’s about a solid and immediate  response. The real test is my next trip to Jamba. I’d like to avoid being that girl in the elevator (again) with the dripping drink, thanks very much.


US Airways Made Good

Received this email from US Airways in reponse to my note. Good job US Airways.

Dear Ms. X,

Thanks for your feedback about the email you received last week. Though we made a mistake, we’re pleased to tell you we’ve posted the 1,000 bonus miles to your account. Please go to to see your account balance.

We value your business and want to thank you for your continued support of US Airways.


US Airways Dividend Miles

Buggery part two – phew!


Received the report from Risk Management, confirming there were no bed bugs in the room.

As I say, rules are made to be broken. Clearly, their “policy” about not sending the report is a flexible one. Am certain my letter to the CEO helped get me that report. Not as quickly as I would have liked but 8 days is not so bad. 

Power for the people!

Inspection Report

Response to: You asked for feedback…here goes

A nice response from [US-based legacy carrier]. I hope they plan to extend the food for purchase options to all passengers. Here it is in it’s entirety, except, as with the initial letter, I removed identifying details like names and titles.


Thank you for contacting [airline] regarding your recent experience at the [airline] Terminal at JFK.  X has asked that I extend her personal apology for the unsatisfactory conditions you described and thank you for your well-focused comments on what areas need improvements.

We appreciate your interest in our company and applaud your efforts to make recommendations to better the needs of all our customers.  Be assured X has shared your message with Y.  We also appreciate the opportunity to address some of your issues.

As you no doubt noticed construction is underway with the relocation of [airline] Terminal 3 operations to Terminal 4 which is anticipated to be completed by May 2013.   The project also includes the expansion of Concourse B, including 9 new international gates, the construction of a passenger connector between Terminal 2 and Terminal 4, expanded areas for baggage claim, Customs, and Border Protection, and, ultimately, the demolition of Terminal 3 which will be completed for aircraft parking in May 2015. [Airline] continues to make substantial investments in New York and our terminal project at JFK is among the most significant.

As to your comments about restaurants in the terminal, I would like to point out that we recently signed an agreement with OTG cafés and bars and they are now located within our JFK [Said airline’s frequent flier program] Club locations.  As a result of feedback from our [FF program] Club members, they also asked for an outlet with the option to purchase made-to-order food products, premium liquors, specialty cocktails, and expanded beer and wine products without having to leave the Club.  As a gesture of goodwill, I will be mailing you a couple of [FF program] Club one-day passes so you can enjoy the amenities at one of our JFK Clubs.  We look forward to seeing you in our Club soon.

Regarding your comments about the security lines and dressing areas after security, we encourage you to contact the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regarding these issues.  You may access their web site at

As a [Frequent Flier Program] member, you are an integral part of our customer base and we are always interested in your feedback.  Thank you for taking the time to write.  We deeply value your business.