They’re waiting in your account…NOT!

Email received from US Airways – Dividend Miles on Tuesday, April 5
Subject: They’re waiting in your account!

Email message: Miles make you smile…And they get you where you want to be
We know you love award travel…and we love seeing you happy! So, we added 1,000 bonus miles to your account. We hope these miles get you a little closer to your next award trip. Keep flying and using Dividend Miles partners and you’ll be on your way in no time!

Email received from US Airways – Dividend Miles on Friday, April 8:
Subject: Oops!

Email message: Earlier this week, we inadvertently delivered an email message to many of our Dividend Miles members’ email accounts. Unfortunately, one of those accounts was yours. Worse, this email incorrectly stated that we posted 1,000 Dividend Miles into your account. This was not accurate and the email message was sent in error. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you and appreciate your understanding.

Email sent on Tuesday, April 12
Subject: Seriously US Airways?

Email message: So you’re basically telling me miles make me happy, yet you take them away a few days later? You could have just done good and left it at that. 1,000 miles are practically worthless and you made a big stink retracting them from your loyal customers. Seriously? It was that important for you to take them away, then just let it be? I didn’t even notice that I got the first email…UNTIL I got the second.

It’s not about the 1,000 miles. It’s that you are so cheap that you can’t leave them there. It’s not like they have any significant cash value. I have enough miles for a free flight on US Airways so the 1,000 miles didn’t get me any closer to the next level but for you probably teased a lot of people. 

I am on the search for a credit card that awards me miles. You’ve just taken any US Airways cards out of the running. Who knows what you’ll retract if I were to become a cardmember.

Perhaps someone in IT did not connect with someone in PR. Either way, the miles should not have been moved. It was a mistake that did not need to be corrected. Instead, you should have chalked it up to a nice gesture to your Dividend Miles members. So much for that.


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