WHY, it’s THAT girl

Without fail, every time it rains, I am THAT girl.

I have left home with no umbrella, I have left work with no umbrella, I have bought so many umbrellas off the street, I have lost count. I’ve also lost most of them too.

When it rains, I am seemingly always dressed inappropriately. For example, today, I left the house in a puffy coat, thinking it would just be raining. I didn’t account for the wild wind, and since I was holding a pocketbook and umbrella, I didn’t have enough hands available to zip it. Or put up my hair. With the wind whipping my hair in every direction, I had to deal with an unruly umbrella, that I finally gave up on.

As I’m in line to board knowing full well I had a ticket in my pocket, why is it that last second before having to hand over the ticket, I cannot find it? Really?

Or what about today, getting dressed up for two client meetings on a rainy day, only to find out one would be cancelled and the other turned into a conference call. I could have been wearing a pair of cords, a sweater and rainboots.

Other examples of this THAT girl experience. If I am wearing pants and heels, I’d leave the heels in office and throw on Converse, dragging the long pants (that are purposely long FOR heels) through the wet city streets.

Sometimes, I won’t even change into sneaks, and then we have the problem of walking through the rain in (probably) uncomfortable, and inappropriate footwear.

Or, if I leave the house in a heavy winter coat, it’s no doubt pouring, or if I left in a light jacket, it’s freezing rain. Either way, totally inappropriate. I do have an old raincoat, and have been meaning to buy a new one. Why do I only think about buying it when I NEED it?

What about making plans on a rainy day, only to show up at the wrong place…and having to hoof it crosstown…in the rain. I can’t make this stuff up.

Brought to you by WHY? Wednesday.


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