Plane Peeves

As I am flying tonight(!), I am thinking about my peeves on the plane. In no particular order, here goes:

  • People who open closed bins to find space for their oversized luggage
  • People who dont hold onto their coats and instead use precious overhead space for a coat
  • People who run to board first and clog up the area for those whose rows have been called
  • People who travel with luggage half open with things falling out (yes, really)
  • People who don’t understand that you have to travel with 3oz or less of liquid, and you, yes, you, need to take off your belt
  • People who set off alarm; then take one thing off at a time, only to continue setting off alarm until they realize they have loose change in their pocket
  • People who go to bathroom on plane right after boarding; clogging the aisles for people who are trying to get to their seat, or even worse, right before take off
  • People who get up while the seat belt sign is on. You are not in first grade. Pay attention, and it’s truly for your safety – as seen by the Air France jet that clipped a regional plane on a runway at JFK earlier this week.
  • Unprepared parents. I totally get a crying child because their ears pop, or they may not like to fly, or even sit still. But please don’t rely on the magazines in the seat back pocket for entertainment. DVDs, music and games are a better choice.
  • People who don’t get a seat for a child who is clearly too big. I have seen this a handful of times and I can’t believe this is allowed. This is probably not safe, and not comfortable for the parent, the child or the person sitting next to you (ie. ME).
  • People who fly with dogs aside from medically necessary ones. This cannot be fun for the dog. I realize sometimes it is necessary, but if it is, don’t take your dog out mid flight to show him off to your neighbors. I’d take a plane full of screaming babies before one yippy barking dog on a five hour flight. Been there, done that. It barked the entire flight and the owner got some dirty looks and comments throughout.
  • Arm rest hogs. Unless you are in the middle, you get one, and only one.
  • Men who don’t help women get their bags up when they are sitting in the aisle right below where I am trying to get my bag in. I travel light. I am short and I have zero upper body strength and sometimes it’s difficult for me to get my bag into the bin.
  • People who put their seat backs back right after take off, right before a meal is served. Unless this is an overnight flight, there is no need to keep your seat reclined. This is not your living room. It is not your Lazy Boy and yes, I am RIGHT behind you.
  • People who kick the seat in front of them. Once I get kicked twice, I have now resorted to telling the  person (usually NOT a child) that I have just had back surgery and to please be careful with their seat. The fact that I usually can’t lift my bag into the bin helps with the back surgery story.

With all this, I still LOVE to travel! The people-watching and observations that come out of your time (leading up to) and in the sky can be hilarious.

What’s your biggest peeve?


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