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Just a Sunday in January…on the Beach

My right eye had been bothering me for a few days, but when I woke this morning it was itching more than it had been.

I put glasses on and shrugged it off. Romina, Mariela and I had a lovely breakfast at the hostel before heading to the beach for the day.

We went to the beach, and the girls had packed beach bags. Blankets, magazines and snacks, not unlike what I would pack for a beach. Though it was nice to share a blanket and not sit on my scarf again.

We hung out on the beach, relaxed, chatted and read magazines for a few hours and then, since it was 29 January, I was to celebrate my first holiday on my trip.



Lucky Thirteen

I recently learned that we all have 13 pairs of ribs. Being that I am not a biology expert, this was news to me. I’m not sure how many I thought I had because I never gave it much thought.

Thirteen pairs is twenty six ribs so it is symmetrical but everything else in our bodies are symmetrical and come with an even number. You know, ten pairs of two fingers, two eyes, a pair of arms and a pair of legs. 

I also learned that if you break a rib, there’s nothing to do for it. Could you imagine if you broke your leg and there was nothing to do for it?

Sort of your random tidbits for the day.

Mates Losing Weight

As you start your New Year’s resolutions slightly hungover, I want to share an inspiring story of motivation.

My sister and brother-in law are on a weight loss journey that will ultimately result in a baby. Okay, let me start over.

My sister has been overweight for most of her adult life. Not like ‘OMG, I need to lose ten pounds’ but much, much more.

She and her husband have made a committment to their health and have joined Weight Watchers. Again, not Weight Watchers because your butt doesn’t fit in those jeans anymore but Weight Watchers for serious ‘weight watchers.’

They started this journey back in May 2011 and seven months later my sister is already down 59.8 pounds. They weigh in on Mondays and not every Monday was a loss. But every Monday provided motivation for the following Monday.

Their committment to their health will ensure their blood work results get better every time they go to the doctor. Their committment thus far has resulted in several dropped sizes, clothes they can wear that still had the tags on it and new realizations about themselves.

And my favorite:

My sister asked me ‘what’s this?’ as she pointed to her cheek.

I replied ‘your cheekbone!’

This committment, over time, will also allow them to start trying for a baby…in time.

For anyone who knows my sister, she was born to be a mom. From taking over my baby-sitting jobs when I realized I was not made for baby-sitting to being so motherly, she is cut out to be an awesome mom. And my brother-in-law, I know he will be a wonderful father.

So as you make your resolutions and you feel overwhelmed when you think, ‘it’s going to be a long journey’ take it in stride. While my sister and brother-in-law have a ways to go, they also celebrate the milestones they hit along the way.

Whatever your resolution, and however hard and long the journey ahead may seem, just remember, if you put your mind to it, you can do it. My sister and brother-in-law finally have decided to take that step and are well on their way.

Good luck to you as you tackle those resolutions. And if you are one of those people who make a resolution not to make a resolution, I salute you. I just can’t pass up any chance to make a list 😉