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Speed Shopping

Who else but me, the day of a wedding, decides to pop into a variety of boutiques, on the way home from the hair dressers, to find another dress.

With an hour before being picked up to head to the wedding, it seems to be only me, who does this.

The ladies in the shops must have thought I was I crazy. Sample script in about five boutiques:

Them: Hi, can I help you?

Me: Do you have anything for a black tie wedding?

Them: Hmm…

Me (not having any time to spare): Yeah, I’m in a bind. The wedding is tonight (it’s 2p) and I have a dress at home but just wanted to see if you had anything I could wear instead.

Them: Hmm…

Me: I’m just going to take a loop around the store. Will be back to browse when I have time.

Them: Sorry!

Me: No worries, my fault. (Yes, for being an idiot. Why would I go shopping when I have a perfectly good, and gorgeous dress to wear that night?)

If you hadn’t already thought, this speed shopping was unsuccessful. But a happy ending all the same. I wore the dress I had been planning on all along, so instead I just wound up wasting precious minutes to hang at home, or pack…

Who DOES this?



I awoke Friday morning at 4.45 EST with horrible heartburn. When I realized what time it was, I went straight into the living room to watch the fanfare of the Royal Wedding!

To my dismay, the DVR was not working (and in fact did not start taping until after 7.30 am) so it was a very good thing that I awoke when I did…because this thing wouldn’t be replayed over and over and over all day…

Obviously since I was viewing in my pajamas, I was all by my lonesome. I did take a look out at the apartments I face and saw two or three apartments with their lights on. Who knows who was up for the wedding action. I knew social media was going to explode, so I logged onto my Twitter account (where a day prior I decided to follow Clarence House) and knew there would be tons of action with the tag #rw2011, among others.

Just as soon as I logged on, I saw a friend Tweet so we started to text message in real time. Probably a half hour later my sister texted me to see if I was up, and we also texted throughout the wedding. She’s a little crazier than me, because she is another three hours behind me…so I was up at 4.45, she was up at 5.15, which was really 2.15 her time! We went back and forth on email the better part of the morning. When I finally deleted them all, I realized I had sent her 69 messages and she had sent me 53. I’m sure our parents are so proud.

Some observations throughout:

  • Pippa and Harry…now we wait to see if this comes to fruition.
  • LOVE the hats. Why don’t we do that in the States? I want to meet Philip Treacy. LOVED his hats. What am I saying, I loved the whole idea of all the hats. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.
  • Virgin Atlantic…Just as Wills and Kate arrived at Buckingham Palace, they posted a Facebook status for a sale to London. Great thinking on their end. Who doesn’t want to be  in London…right. that. second!
  • Wills and Kate and Kate and her dad all held hands funny. One hand on top of the other, but not really ‘hand holding’ as we know it. Must be a Royal thing. Not very romantic for Wills and Kate and I can’t imagine that’s how Mr. Middleton wanted to hold his daughter’s hand as he walked her down that magnificent aisle.
  • We all knew they would have little privacy as the world watched. But seriously? The TV networks had lip readers? I mean of course I am happy to know that Wills has a sense of humor but did we REALLY need to know what he said, during the ceremony.
  • Kate’s sister, Pippa, looked stunning. But no one could fix Kate’s brother’s tie before he gave a speech in front of billions of people? He still looked cute, but the poor guy’s tie was crooked the entire time.
  • And then there’s Kate getting out of the carriage. There was a guy to help her out, and Wills and Kate started to walk towards the entrance. The guard, or whoever he was, tried to get Kate’s train together and flip it out, but stopped and basically threw the whole thing on the ground. Hilarious. Am certain someone fixed it soon after but I thought it was funny that all the cameras caught it, but I can’t find anything about it in a Google search and when I see replays of Wills and Kate getting out of the carriage, the footage cuts off just before the guy drops the train.
  • And, let’s not forget London. She looked spectacular today!

After work, I came home and watched a few recaps and finally went to bed after midnight (just about 5a GMT so I’m sure they were getting ready for breakfast post-party…)

What a fantastic show! I don’t know how I made it through the day, with so little sleep, but I loved every minute of it. I realize not everyone cares, but of all of those who watched the wedding…who didn’t want to be Kate, or even Pippa, today?

The Big Day!

Yes, I admit it. I am excited about the Royal Wedding. You’d think I am wedding’d out. Three weddings to attend in five weekends in April. Four, if you count Will and Kate’s, vicariously.

Not so! I can watch the royal wedding in my pajamas! It’s the next best thing since I wasn’t on the guest list (my invite likely got lost in the mail). I’ve already set my DVR for the hours of planned coverage. I’m not planning to set my alarm for the festivities, but if I happen to wake up at 4 am…I may very well turn the TV on.

Just in case I don’t wake up in the wee hours Friday morning, my big plans for Friday night are to watch all the coverage I have taped. The boyfriend thinks the amount of coverage locked in the DVR right now is ridiculous. I don’t have the attention span to watch that much. If I get bored with the coverage, which I imagine at some point I will, well, that’s what the fast forward button is for.

I’m not terribly interested in the coverage leading up to the wedding, like the interview with the former classmate of Kate who was snubbed or the British wedding planners, totally unrelated to the affair, speculating on the color of the flowers or types of table settings.

I am, however, a sucker for fairy tales.

WHY Does Mother Nature Do This?

Here it is. Another installment of WHY Wednesday.

Dear MN,

We’ve FINALLY had absolutely gorgeous weather the past few days here in the northeast and now there’s an 80% chance of rain tomorrow?! Now, I like a good thunderstorm with lots of lightening as much as the next guy. But why the tease?!

All week I’ve been able to open the screen door along with all the windows when I got home from work to flood my home with the fresh spring air. Last night I even turned on the AC before bed.

What I’d love to do is bring out my sundresses and flip flops…hell, I’m even okay with a spring jacket. But a cold downpour? Just as we’re pulling out our spring wardrobes? Come on. Mother Nature, haven’t we had enough of this gross, horribly long winter?

Put it on your to do list and PLEASE bring on the sun! April showers bring May flowers…and with it should come the sun. Vitamin D lovers will thank you. And while you’re at it, enough with the floods in the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys, and the Southeast. Collectively, we’ve had enough.

So over winter weather

They Took What?

Today I found out one of my close friends was burgled in the middle of the night. Thankfully, she and her family are fine.

Feeling like your personal, safe space was invaded is the absolute worst feeling and unfortunately, one I know well. 

Talking to my friend about this, I was reminded when I was burgled in my one of my first apartments. Neither my roommate nor I were at home, but we came home to an unlocked door, and had to figure out what was missing.

After much searching around the apartment (probably only for five minutes because the place was so small), those missing items were my underwear and bras. From right out of my dresser.

My bedroom was closer to the door in our tiny apartment but clearly it was enough stuff for our burglars because nothing else was taken. Nothing! The TV, VCR (yes, this was years ago) and microwave were probably our only electronics. But clearly, our burglers were after undergarments. 

I was so grossed out that some stranger had been in my bedroom and even more so in my dresser drawers, I WASHED EVERYTHING in my dresser (obviously there were no more underwear or bras), my bedding and my comforter and even my rug. Just knowing someone was in my bedroom and small apartment totally freaked me out.

Today I told my friend that the feeling of ICK will lessen but I warned her that now she will always check the door before bed, when you get home and when you leave to make sure it was locked. But between all of us, locks are for honest people.

If theres a funny story that came from my break in, which of course there would be when underwear and bras were stolen, and we were unharmed, it was this…

My roommate, M, and I arrived home to an unlocked door and immediately called the police. When they arrived, they needed to see the crime scene – my bedroom. I had to describe the colors, sizes and material of the missing goods for the police report. To two 22 year old girls, of course the cops were hot. Of course I only wanted to tell them about my pretty underwear and lacy bras. M made sure she told the hot cops about the granny panties and ugly bras that should be added to the police report. Talk about embarrassing. What was a little unnerving was that they had told us we weren’t the first to be burgled this way in recent days.

Even more nerve racking, for the better part of the next month, every time I walked out of the building, I thought I would find all of my stuff strewn over the plants and trees. That never happened. And I don’t think I would have ever worn any of it again if I found them.

At the time, I worked with some wonderful people who were aghast at what had happened. Together they supplied me with quite a few Victoria’s Secret gift cards so I could restock my drawers, literally. Because, yes, with the exception of some packaged underwear I bought at the grocery store, I was down to what I had been wearing the day I had arrived home – one bra and one underwear.

A few years prior to this incident, I was working at a bar in London, and while on shift, everyone had to put their stuff in lockers. Of course there were no locks. Classy place. Didn’t have much in my purse back then. Lost some cash, but others lost jewelry, whole wallets, etc. We all had to file our own reports with London’s Metropolitan Police. Not an experience everyone gets to have while living abroad.

Because everything needs to be taken in with perspective, let’s chalk these up to life experiences. Not too many people can say they were robbed of their underwear and bras. Nor can many say they were ripped off while tending bar overseas.

Tasty Treats

I didn’t go crazy…but I had a few sips of Coke and Sprite, a half of a slice of Swiss and some chips yesterday.

The chips were presented with dip and Lent ended so I was all approved.

Oh potato chips, how I have missed you. But only in moderation.


Yes, I did it! I may have increased my consumption of Better Cheddars and Cheez Its but I did it!

  • No potato chips, not even Baked Lays. I did have Sun Chips, but those were not potato…
  • No cheese as a stand alone item. This was the hardest habit to break.
  • And with the exception of one hangover (ginger ale), and one soda drink at a wedding (vodka and Sprite), I did not have soda.

Am going to stick to this. Not so rigidly, but I think this is a better, and healthier, way to eat.

It Goes On and On My Friend

It never ends.

Like that childhood song, it goes on and on my friend.

I make lists, then I organize the list, and then I create more lists. And it becomes this never ending to do list.

Obviously the pressing items get done, but what about the unnecessary things that I just can’t cross off.

Like brown boots.

It will stay on the list until next season because I am hopeful I won’t have to wear boots until the Fall. Plus, looking for boots in the summer would make for a very difficult task!

But then there are real things on the list. Phone calls to make, banking and the rest of the boring stuff that just has to get done.

Then there are ongoing items that I enjoy like blog writing. I’m knocking today’s post off the to do list well before you’ll read this.

Some items on the list are more daunting than others and they get pushed and pushed until you’ve got to get it done.

But boy, does it feel good to cross things off the list!

How do you combat list fatigue?

I Have a Disease

Last night I met up with a traveler the boyfriend and I met in Argentina. We met towards the end of her trip, and the first night of ours.

It was really fun to talk about the different parts of the country we each visited, and it makes me want to go back to see more of the country, and South America as a whole.

This week in NYC, it seems to be field trip mania. Walking down the street in NYC I hear lots of languages. But I’d rather be somewhere I’m in the minority with regards to language, or even dialect. And that means on the road, and traveling.

Time to think about the next getaway!

And for you, something different

Yesterday after a big client meeting, I had a business lunch at a well-known steakhouse in NYC.

When we sat down, the table was set with white napkins. However, the waiter offered me, the only female in the group, a black napkin.

After seeing my confused face, the waiter told me why. His answer makes sense. I have dined at very nice restaurants but I had never been offered a different colored napkin than my dining partners.

Is this way more obvious to others than it was to me? Anyone know why I got a black napkin?

Post your guesses (or the answer) in comments below. I’ll post the response in the comments tomorrow.