40 days and 40 nights

Today is Lent. I have decided to participate and give some things up.

I have had friends give up gossip magazines, cheese, alcohol, dessert and Facebook.

If they can do it, so can I. Here goes:

1. Cheese — Cannot be eaten alone. Meaning I can eat it on pizza or in a sandwich, but not a slice out of the fridge here and there.

2. Soda — I don’t drink it a lot, so why not eliminate

3. Potato chips — I have added the caveat that I cannot eat full-fat potato chips but I can eat Baked Lays if the mood hits.

My hope is that making this public will encourage me to stick with it for the duration. Wish me luck.

Readers (if there are any), what are you giving up?

UPDATE: At lunchtime I attended a professional speaker session whose company will remain nameless but they make soda and a form of chips – both of which were served at the meeting.

I refrained from the soda, but did eat the ‘chips.’ On the package it did say 30% less fat than regular potato chips’ – so these are not POTATO chips.

There were also halfed sandwiches – the first half I chose was ham and tomato. The second half – mozzarella and tomato. I ate the bread, and not the tomato, so this does follow the rules. Pathetic that it’s lunchtime on the first day of Lent and I come so close to a fail. I am going to give me a bye on this. I have never observed Lent before so I need a learning curve.

Don’t judge. Please.


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