Working 9 to 5, and then some

I liked this article. I think it’s true. Take a look.>1=23000

I’ve had jobs that fall into every category:

1. server, bartender – Serving was my favorite job ever. When you were busy, you were making money and when you weren’t, you went home. Plus every shift you worked entitled you to a free meal, and as a college student, that was sweet.
2. cashier at a drugstore – I got busted in the local paper for unknowingly selling cigarettes to minors, when I sold a pack to an undercover reporter. After that, I only worked in the pharmacy or the gift wrap section.
3. telephone surveyor – You know who this is… the people that call at dinner.
4. painted houses – Yep, I actually responded to the college painters signs that you see on telephone poles.

Reflecting back on this short list I realized that I have had a lot of customer service jobs. Some summers I had multiple jobs, so some overlapped. I remember always having various uniforms in my car that I could change into at a moment’s notice. In no particular order, my non-desk jobs included:

  • Scooping ice cream at a local ice cream shop
  • Making bagel sandwiches at a bagel shop – very early hours
  • Taking phone orders at a pizza place – when we were really busy I had to actually make deliveries
  • Handing out flyers for a cell phone company – on the street outside of a subway station
  • Working in the mall at the Christmas stocking booth – you know, where you can get your name written in glitter on your stocking.
  • Lifeguarding – this only lasted a few hours. I had no certification or training and there was no one else guarding the pool. My mom made me quit at lunchtime.
  • Wrapping gifts – when ladies come behind the counter to wrap their gift purchase, you know you have no business working there.
  • Putting kids on rides at an amusement park – I will never go in a ball pit again.

One job I wanted but I didn’t get was working at the local car wash. You know when the car comes out and the people wipe it dry…I was in high school and I thought it would be a good way to work on my tan. My dad tried to make me feel better when he told me they probably don’t like to hire girls.


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