Rain Reaction

In some cities when it rains, there are car accidents because people aren’t used to it.

In NYC, for some reason, people regress to a barbaric state.

Where is the common sense? Where is the personal space- throngs of people push like wild animals down the street-and in this proximity people resort to acting like caged animals let loose.

Case in point:

Example #1 – Woman pointing her umbrella out towards people walking at her and pops it open as they get close.

Example #2 – Dude you have a golf umbrella…on city streets? try not to aim the point if you are using it as a walking stick. Its not a spear.

Example #3 – The “lady” that uses the umbrella as a hat so its at eye level – just at the point where if I didn’t duck I’d have lost an eye.

Mind you- it wasn’t even raining that hard. I didn’t even open my umbrella so I decided to do what any short, savvy city girl would do.

I swung my (closed) umbrella. Sometimes in front of me, sometimes to my side – it was like having instant numchucks (not that I’ve ever even held a pair) and it instantly gave me a few more inches of personal space.

This was working fine until the last straw came…I was about to cross 42nd street and at the last second I decided to wait since a bus was rolling at me – and here is a douchey guy who shoved me towards the bus because he, his mom and his girlfriend (just guessing on the relationships) decide to follow me and not pay attention and oh, you know, stop. He caused a chain reaction pushing me inches from the bus when he couldn’t stop either.

In a huff I went and crossed 7th Ave (with the light) instead. I was in a bit of shock so it took all I had not to go back and give him a what for.

What gives?


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