Speed Shopping

Who else but me, the day of a wedding, decides to pop into a variety of boutiques, on the way home from the hair dressers, to find another dress.

With an hour before being picked up to head to the wedding, it seems to be only me, who does this.

The ladies in the shops must have thought I was I crazy. Sample script in about five boutiques:

Them: Hi, can I help you?

Me: Do you have anything for a black tie wedding?

Them: Hmm…

Me (not having any time to spare): Yeah, I’m in a bind. The wedding is tonight (it’s 2p) and I have a dress at home but just wanted to see if you had anything I could wear instead.

Them: Hmm…

Me: I’m just going to take a loop around the store. Will be back to browse when I have time.

Them: Sorry!

Me: No worries, my fault. (Yes, for being an idiot. Why would I go shopping when I have a perfectly good, and gorgeous dress to wear that night?)

If you hadn’t already thought, this speed shopping was unsuccessful. But a happy ending all the same. I wore the dress I had been planning on all along, so instead I just wound up wasting precious minutes to hang at home, or pack…

Who DOES this?


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