It Goes On and On My Friend

It never ends.

Like that childhood song, it goes on and on my friend.

I make lists, then I organize the list, and then I create more lists. And it becomes this never ending to do list.

Obviously the pressing items get done, but what about the unnecessary things that I just can’t cross off.

Like brown boots.

It will stay on the list until next season because I am hopeful I won’t have to wear boots until the Fall. Plus, looking for boots in the summer would make for a very difficult task!

But then there are real things on the list. Phone calls to make, banking and the rest of the boring stuff that just has to get done.

Then there are ongoing items that I enjoy like blog writing. I’m knocking today’s post off the to do list well before you’ll read this.

Some items on the list are more daunting than others and they get pushed and pushed until you’ve got to get it done.

But boy, does it feel good to cross things off the list!

How do you combat list fatigue?


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