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Late for a Very Important Date

WHY can’t I consistently be early, or on-time?

Professionally, I am always on-time, if not early. I get frustrated when meetings start late and run over.

Personally speaking, I’m not early. I’m usually on-time. Or, more often than not, a few minutes late. This is when I am banking on walking, or taking a subway or a city bus to my destination.

Because I rely heavily on public transportation, I am bound by specific schedules. I have to do the backwards math to get me to the transportation. I figure out which time is the ‘ideal’ train, bus or boat time in my head and then the second best. It’s getting to that ‘ideal’ train, bus or boat that being late kicks in.

Once I am en route on one of the ‘ideal’ timed transport, I’m going to arrive when I say I will.

If I’m not running for transportation, I just feel like I am running late.

Many years ago, I had to sprint from the parking lot to catch a train that was already at the platform. Once on the train, the train conductor told me that “People wait for trains, trains don’t wait for people.” I try to avoid repeating that situation as best I can.

In college, I was in a sorority – Phi Sigma Sigma – and everyone was always at least five minutes late, so consistently that we coined it ‘Phi Sig time.’

The boyfriend is very much an ‘early to on-time’ kind of guy and he was abruptly introduced to ‘Phi Sig’ time when we arrived somewhere to meet friends about ten minutes early. Which meant we were waiting for my friends for nearly twenty minutes. So many years out of college, and some of us are still on Phi Sig time…but it makes it easier to plan accordingly knowing it’s kind of okay, and pretty much expected (those of you reading this, know who you are).

I am taking an official stand and making a mid-year New Year’s resolution to heed Vince Lombardi’s words in my life: “If you’re not 5 minutes early, you’re late.” I will be realistic about it though. Two to three minutes early, or even exactly on time would suffice for me.

Hate being late? Check out these proven tips. I know I will.

WHY do you need one?

WHY do people travel with full size pillows?

I don’t get it. If you are one of these people lugging a full size pillow through an airport, please explain.

Doesn’t it take up room, doesn’t it get dirty and doesn’t it annoy you that you are carrying your bedding through the airport?

There are travel pillows. And they are soft and small and easy to travel with.

I should clarify. These are not just children I see carrying pillows around. Nor are they just on long flights. I have seen them on short ones too – and yes, I realize that maybe they are traveling a lot further, but isn’t it a pain to bring along? I know I am a bit of a germaphobe (yes, it’s fun working in NYC) but I would not want my pillow on the same security conveyor belt carrying shoes, and suitcases that are rolling on the ground. Who wants to put their face on that?

WHY Wednesday.

To be, or not to be, on schedule

I wanted to go from Madrid to Seville by train. There were a couple of options for travel, but my big decision was if I would be going on the slow train ($) or the fast train ($$$). I don’t remember what the exact travel time was for each train but the speedy train would take me only a few hours versus the slow train which would take me the better part of a day.

I was told that there was a refund policy. Imagine that! If the train was more than five minutes, five!, late, the train company would refund my money. As a very budget traveler, I had been hoping it would arrive six minutes late, as I had splurged on the speedy train. Of course it wasn’t late, it was perfectly on time, just like I was promised.

Yet, just outside of NYC, there are still train delays today, more than 24, yes that is TWENTY FOUR, hours after a train derailment yesterday morning. Thankfully, no one was hurt. I understand the process of re-railing (un-railing? un-derailing?) a train is probably difficult and time-consuming, but this seems a little crazy.

Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor route services travelers from Boston to DC and beyond. New Jersey Transit’s trains heading into NY Penn Station are shuttling passengers on some of the same tracks on various routes from all over the state of New Jersey.

I should mention for readers unfamiliar with this area, that these tracks (the Northeast Corridor tracks) are likely the busiest in the nation as they connect major cities (Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC) all along the US Eastern Seaboard.

As a former New Jersey Transit Northeast Corridor commuter (Hamilton, NJ to New York Penn Station), I assure you, there are a lot of people being shuttled to and fro on these trains. Picture double-decker trains, with only standing room available. Every single day.

I no longer do this daily commute but I know many people who do. The tracks belong to Amtrak but New Jersey Transit uses them to shuttle commuters, travelers and tourists daily. Amtrak trains always have priority as they are Amtrak’s tracks. And because I use Amtrak sparingly, I can’t speak for Amtrak, but I know NJT trains are consistently delayed, thanks to Amtrak’s (much-needed) ongoing construction, track failure and other oddities that happen on a fairly frequent basis.

I don’t know how to solve this transit problem and I certainly will not pretend to know the answer, but there has got to be a better way. Even if the tracks in Spain shuttle fewer passengers, they obviously are doing something right if there is a refund policy for delays longer than five minutes. Shouldn’t the US get Spain’s best practices and follow suit?

Why Wednesday.

WHY my hair?

Went through security at Fort Lauderdale International Airport the other day. I went through this new machine (at least I have never seen it) where you go in sideways and you have to raise your hands above your head and stand there for a few seconds without moving. If you move, you are pulled for a pat down. So I stood as still as I could.

I’m not sure they know how to use the machine because it got backed up a bit while they had to reset it. In order to keep the line moving they were directing certain people in my line to the regular machine. I was curious to see this crazy machine, I’ve seen a lot, but never this one, so I hoped I got to go through this particular line, and I did.

When I came out, I was pulled to the side, because apparently it takes another thirty seconds to get the result. My result was fine, except, the TSA agent had to go through my hair. Like a pat down of my hair? What could possibly be in there? The ponytail holder had no metal in it, and besides, my hair is usually up when I am at an airport anyway.

I didn’t ask because I was flabbergasted, but what could I possibly be hiding in my hair? I don’t even have big hair where you might be able to sneak something in it. Maybe it was so soft and luscious, the TSA agent just had to cop a feel.

WHY Wednesday


Diplomatic immunity.

I’m no expert but why should they be extended privileges we common folk aren’t? As in parking a car with diplomat license plates on the sidewalk in Manhattan. It was on a block lined with shops and restaurants, so there seemed to be no good reason. Unless there was.

WHY Wednesday.

WHY Wednesday!?

This WHY Wednesday should be a good one. Spending four  days at the beach. So many observations to be had. So many WHYs to be had…

Stay tuned! Check out the categories on the right, there’s a whole section for WHY Wednesday. Take a read at previous ones.

And if you have any WHYs, feel free to send me a note at and I can post yours as an upcoming post on WHY? Wednesday.


Update: post-trip

There were probably a few WHY Wednesday posts that could have come out of my girls getaway to Cape May. But the biggest question of all…is WHY don’t I have a job that allows me to be at the beach all day, every day…in a town that clearly doesn’t take themselves all that seriously.

We saw so many of the same faces, and before you ask, they were locals. They weren’t on vacation. What do they do for income that allows them to sit at the Rusty Nail for several days straight? And WHY don’t I have one of those yet 🙂



I work in a building that is green, and environmentally friendly. In fact, when the temperature outside goes above a certain temp, the lights in the lobby are turned off to conserve energy.

Why then, is it that I freeze at work because the air conditioning is at Arctic temperatures?

I have had to go shopping for a sweater (in the middle of summer), I have had to wrap myself in company branded sweatshirts to warm up. I love walking outside on hot and humid days because the goosebumps go away. You know it’s bad that when washing your hands in the bathroom, you don’t want to leave because the hot water feels so good.

And it’s over 85 degrees outside.

Go figure.

WHY Wednesday.

WHY? Won’t you look where you are walking?

I’ve said this before, but I am seeing it more and more. Why don’t people look where they are going? It seems like every time I look I see people reading and typing or playing games on their phones and reading books (yes, real, actual books, crazy, right?!) and Kindles.

Why do I have to watch where they are walking in order to not be wacked in the head or the arm because they aren’t paying attention?! It makes me absolutely crazy. I’m not sure if it’s a result of being cramped in city living for so long, or if I am annoyed that so many times I am the one to fall or trip or stub my toe AND I AM paying attention to where I am going.

Is the material that scintillating, or is it just a (really obnoxious and annoying) status symbol to show that they are so important/busy/rude/oblivious that they don’t have time to pay attention to where they are going?! I just don’t understand what is so important that they can’t look up to watch where they ARE. WALKING.

I have seen people playing games, texting, whatever. Just pull over, like you would in a car, and take care of your business elsewhere. Unless it is a dire emergency, get off of your device, PLEASE!

You heard it here. Young ‘uns — the best industries to get into are carpal tunnel surgeons, eye doctoring and electronic advice addiction counselors. This is what society is coming to. These are going to be major medical conditions in the very near future. And I bet there will be great job security.

If I am walking behind someone at a speedy pace and they are strolling along on your device, I’m going to say ‘Excuse Me’ and if they don’t move, I will whizz past with a ‘Really?’ or a ‘Seriously?’

Why do I have to dodge you, you rude, obnoxious person thinking everyone is going to move out of your way?

I would LOVE to one day jump in front of one of these people and just yell! I realize this puts me in the category of crazy and  I wouldn’t really do this in real life but when I think about it, I love the idea more and more. I’d especially love to just get the reactions on camera. What about to walk in a straight line, so if the rude person won’t look up, they will run into me. Okay, I really wouldn’t do that because somehow, someway, I’d be the one to get injured – elbow in the face, something like that.

I don’t spend much time in a car, but I’d be curious to observe what people do in cars in bumper to bumper traffic on a major highway. Not sure how you express your anger there. Does a car horn do it these days? Especially if they aren’t paying attention to the road – would they even think the horn was for them? Readers who drive…feel free to share what you see…or (shame on you) what you may do.

Brought to you by WHY Wednesday.

WHY Campaign For So Long?

I don’t like to talk politics but WHY are debates for the 2012 election starting now? Shouldn’t the length of campaigning (and the amount of funds spent on said campaign) be limited? The amount of resources and time spent on campaigning should be cut down. There are fifty states, some big, some small. Spend a few weeks in the big ones, a week in the smaller ones.

* After some Googling, I found out that those in US territories can nominate a candidate, but cannot vote. So you can campaign to get on a ticket in places like Guam, American Samoa, Puerto Rico and the USVI. But that’s where it ends. They cannot ultimately elect the president.

With all ways people can access media, it doesn’t need to be a 24/7 news cycle for 18 months. We get that you are running. We get that there are debates. We get that you need to make appearances. But all the politicians who are running already have  a job to do and they should be concentrating on doing that one job well.

Brought to you by WHY Wednesday.

WHY would you eat THERE?

There’s an A, B, C, D, F rating system for NYC restaurants. Thankfully, my regular lunch stops all received A’s. I’ve yet to see a D or an F.

And, even with that A rating, I’ve still had issues. But even that place still got an A from the Board of Health. The question is, why would someone knowingly eat at a C, or worse?!