WHY my hair?

Went through security at Fort Lauderdale International Airport the other day. I went through this new machine (at least I have never seen it) where you go in sideways and you have to raise your hands above your head and stand there for a few seconds without moving. If you move, you are pulled for a pat down. So I stood as still as I could.

I’m not sure they know how to use the machine because it got backed up a bit while they had to reset it. In order to keep the line moving they were directing certain people in my line to the regular machine. I was curious to see this crazy machine, I’ve seen a lot, but never this one, so I hoped I got to go through this particular line, and I did.

When I came out, I was pulled to the side, because apparently it takes another thirty seconds to get the result. My result was fine, except, the TSA agent had to go through my hair. Like a pat down of my hair? What could possibly be in there? The ponytail holder had no metal in it, and besides, my hair is usually up when I am at an airport anyway.

I didn’t ask because I was flabbergasted, but what could I possibly be hiding in my hair? I don’t even have big hair where you might be able to sneak something in it. Maybe it was so soft and luscious, the TSA agent just had to cop a feel.

WHY Wednesday


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