“Go. And go somewhere interesting.”

Nomadic Matt recently posted a terrific interview with Lonely Planet’s founder, Tony Wheeler.

My favorite part, Wheeler says “Go. And go somewhere interesting.”

What’s your guidebook of choice these days?

Personally, I love my dog-eared travel guides (and I do have my fair share of Lonely Planets!). They may be brand new when I set out but they are well-worn in when I return. They are bent and folded and maybe sometimes they got wet. They are worn in and have been written in with notes I took along the way.  There are notes, doodles and random lists of things to do and see. There are maps that locals draw in and recommendations from waiters. There are a few key local words and phrases scribbled down.

These guides serve as a reminder of where I’ve been and places where I’d like to return. They take up a good chunk of my bookcase. As weird as it may sound, I love them, like stamps in my passport, but instead of tucked away in a drawer, they’re on display in my living room.


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