Ticket Taxes

If you bought an airline ticket before July 23, (the day Congress failed the FAA), and you traveled during the shutdown (which is expected to end soon), you are entitled to a tax refund.

I am one of those people. The two airlines I flew, are offering refunds, but you have to go through the IRS in order to collect. The IRS website currently says, “The IRS will provide further guidance on this issue in the near future.”

I’m sure this is going to be so easy. Note sarcasm.

I am a strong believer that I’m entitled to those funds because of the inept government, and I will take steps to collect. At check in, I decided to pay extra for a roomier seat. I figured that since I already spent the money on the ticket, and I am entitled to this refund, it should be put to good use.

I’m certain there will be a lot of money that will go uncollected. My question is … will the IRS tax the airlines on this income?


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