Wait for it

I work in a building that has a lot of revolving doors. Manual revolving doors. At least once a week, without fail, there’s some tourist who stands in the door. I have to assume they are waiting for it to move automatically.

It makes me chuckle every single time. And then I give it a swift push.


One response to “Wait for it

  • jason

    Having worked in New York City for over 40 years and having had to deal with tourists daily, I agree that tourists can run the gamut of making you chuckle to make you extremely annoyed. The revolving doors or seeing them outside morning shows with silly signs is a good example of how funny they can be. On the other hand, tourists can annoy you by walking too slowly, walking in groups on the sidewalk so you can’t pass and, my number one pet peeve, when they bump into you because they are not watching where they are walking.

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