WHY Wednesday!?

This WHY Wednesday should be a good one. Spending four  days at the beach. So many observations to be had. So many WHYs to be had…

Stay tuned! Check out the categories on the right, there’s a whole section for WHY Wednesday. Take a read at previous ones.

And if you have any WHYs, feel free to send me a note at simplythreecents@rocketmail.com and I can post yours as an upcoming post on WHY? Wednesday.


Update: post-trip

There were probably a few WHY Wednesday posts that could have come out of my girls getaway to Cape May. But the biggest question of all…is WHY don’t I have a job that allows me to be at the beach all day, every day…in a town that clearly doesn’t take themselves all that seriously.

We saw so many of the same faces, and before you ask, they were locals. They weren’t on vacation. What do they do for income that allows them to sit at the Rusty Nail for several days straight? And WHY don’t I have one of those yet 🙂


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