WHY? Inedible Eats

When you eat a meal, why is it always during the last few bites you find a hair? Or uncooked meat?

Or is it just me? Without fail, I’ll be eating a sandwich, and find a hair…that’s not mine. A trip to McDonald’s and I ordered a four piece nuggets…and the fourth nugget was raw. That was the last time I ate McD’s…and that was over two years ago. BANNED.

I should explain. I also famously ban places. I was at a local bar for dinner. four plates come out, three plates are fine. The fourth plate, has a screw in the sandwich. Sure, it probably fell from the heating lamp while waiting to be served but that’s careless. BANNED.

Brought to you by WHY? Wednesday.

Editors note: I was informed by a loyal reader that I did, in fact, have McDonald’s in a moment of shame, and starvation…in January 2011. All five of my readers, please accept my apologies. Don’t hate me.


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