WHY do you need one?

WHY do people travel with full size pillows?

I don’t get it. If you are one of these people lugging a full size pillow through an airport, please explain.

Doesn’t it take up room, doesn’t it get dirty and doesn’t it annoy you that you are carrying your bedding through the airport?

There are travel pillows. And they are soft and small and easy to travel with.

I should clarify. These are not just children I see carrying pillows around. Nor are they just on long flights. I have seen them on short ones too – and yes, I realize that maybe they are traveling a lot further, but isn’t it a pain to bring along? I know I am a bit of a germaphobe (yes, it’s fun working in NYC) but I would not want my pillow on the same security conveyor belt carrying shoes, and suitcases that are rolling on the ground. Who wants to put their face on that?

WHY Wednesday.


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