WHY Oh Why

Why does food poisoning linger and ruin the whole darn day? Why can’t you get it out of your system and be done with it? In one shot. There’s no need for it to be an all day affair. One and done.

I was struck with either food poisoning or something that absolutely did not agree with me last week. While spending a lazy day on the couch at home dealing and recovering, I noticed that daytime television doesn’t cater to viewers with food poisoning or even a sour stomach. I did a ton of channel changing because watching the morning news shows was making me even sicker. Each segment focused on food or drink and sometimes food and drink. It wasn’t until I scrolled into the higher numbered channels where I could find old 90s sitcoms, and ultimately doze off for a bit. (This is a compliment to those old shows.)

What I did learn is that I should have a back up bottle of ginger ale and saltines in my kitchen for days like this. The current beverage choices in my fridge were various flavors of seltzer, water, apple juice, grapefruit juice and tomato juice. Those juices were not ideal for a sour stomach. I never got enough energy up to go and make those crucial purchases. But now I know – those are definitely my emergency kit, and need to be a staple in my household.

WHY Wednesday.


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