Why I hate shopping

Yes, it’s true. I prefer online shopping because I can do it in my pajamas, there aren’t any rude people knocking into me, I don’t have to see that the last shirt in my size is in a ball on the floor in the dressing room and I can fill up my shopping bag and come back later.

In store I am forced to ask these questions:

  • Why do stores hang clothes so high that only seven-foot models can pull it off without bringing the whole rack down?
  • How do stores expect me to dig through neatly folded sweaters without creating a total mess when I’ve got a whole lot of clothes hanging over one arm?
  • Why is the petite section the most disorganized section in the store?
  • Why are jeans in the regular height people section jeans displayed so the sizes are clearly showing without making a mess like the said sweaters yet in the petite section they are on hangers with the sizes facing the wall?
  • Why is the store filled to the brim with clothes and displays making me a bull in a china shop? (I know the answer to this – to maximize retail space!)

Ann Taylor LOFT, this time I am talking to you. But I love your clothes, I think your staff is actually helpful, your dressing rooms are clean and you have great coupons. But your store, one of the only womens clothing stores in Manhattan I will voluntarily venture into, stresses me out.

But let’s put this into perspective – at least I go into your store. I refuse to venture into Macy’s in NYC unless absolutely, positively necessary. In nearly 10 years working in New York City, I can count on my hands how many times I have walked into that store — and it’s usually with tourist friends who want to see it. So Ann Taylor LOFT — you’re not THAT bad.


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