Overpacking Prowess

I know I have shared some of my personal tips on packing.

I pride myself on being a good packer, and when I am not, I recognize it. On the flip side, my sister is one of the worst packers. EVER.

As I packed on Thursday night for my weekend, I thought about my sister, and her packing prowess…NOT!! I thought, what would she pack for two nights away from home?

She is well aware that she over packs clothes, hair supplies and everything you might think you need, but won’t even use. She is devoted to her hair products, and hasn’t found them in travel size. She refuses to buy travel size containers to pour her shampoo in. Obviously, because she exceeds the 3 ounce liquid limits, she also has to check her luggage…which I won’t do unless I absolutely have to – say it with me ‘checked luggage is potentially lost luggage.’

Even as kids she over packed. She was like a little bag lady. On long car rides, I’d use the seat belt to create a border as her side and my side. Her stuff couldn’t cross. And it always did.

I traveled with a book and a Walkman with a few cassette tapes (remember those?). Back then she packed stuffed animals, pillows and toys and games and who the heck knows what.

She also was given less leg room for storage. As the older sister, I always sat in the seat behind my mom. My short (er, she’s taller than me) mom. I ensured my sister sat behind my dad, my 6 foot + dad. Since my dad did most of the driving, he needed to be comfortable, and to do that his seat was pushed pretty far back, limiting my sisters leg room. This should have been a good thing, limiting her ‘carry on’ possessions. Alas, she found every possible corner to stuff some crap into.

Pack, and travel, lightly. You can buy what you need. And what you think you can’t easily replace (glasses, prescription medicine), be sure you pack it!

Caveat: I have never traveled extensively with children, except when I was one. I’m sure this changes things up a bit. So parents, do tell. What’s the craziest thing you, or your child, ever wanted to bring on a trip?

And a special shout out to my Mom and Dad – feel free to share any of J’s crazy must-haves for our many family road trips. I know I am off the hook for that since I always traveled lightly 😉


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