Packing Rules to Live By

The wedding we attended last night differed from other events in recent weeks because it was close to home so I was able to get ready at home! With so much recent traveling to fancy events, it can be a challenge to remember to pack everything. I am waiting for the day I forget a shoe. Not a full pair, just one.  I knew I wouldn’t forget my shoes yesterday, because I’d have left home barefoot!

Traveling for dressy events requires me to pack choices ensuring that I pack way more than I normally do. You have to remember the dress, the shoes, the undergarments, the jewelry, etc.

I love traveling. Don’t get me wrong! LOVE it. But packing for a formal event requires more thought when packing than a regular weekend away. Typically I am a light packer (maybe too light) and I live by these three simple rules when it comes to traveling:

1. If I forgot it and I need it, most likely I can find it at my destination [Band-Aids fall into this category. I have bought Band-Aids, plasters and Hansaplast (and a knee brace at that) in a variety of countries.]*

2. If I won’t be able to buy it at a local vendor AND I absolutely need it – do not forget it [an extra pair of contacts and my glasses fall into this category]

3. Checked luggage is potentially lost luggage [plus, in the event of a delayed or cancelled flight, you are seen as a less flexible traveler to the airline because it’s an ordeal for them to find your luggage or if you are running late for a connection, you know your luggage will be with you – wherever you wind up. But…after an international trip, I’m usually game to check my luggage. I can do without my dirty laundry for a few days if the luggage goes missing. I just make sure to pack the necessities…again, my glasses fall into this category!]

* I have a permanently packed toiletries bag loaded with everything I would need, including an extra pair of contacts, that is ready to travel at a moments notice (and it’s been used at a moments notice). It’s so ready to go that I just need to remember to pack my glasses. And, of course…there are some random adhesive bandages from various countries in there too.


One response to “Packing Rules to Live By

  • Kathy

    sounds like someone I know (and love) who packs three suitcases for a 3-day weekend because you “have to have choices”. Really!?!?!? Really!?!?!?

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