Observations From the Road

This time last weekend the boyfriend and I were heading home from a weekend road trip to upstate New York. A few observations from our time on the road:

  • How you can make unbelievably great time one way, and absolute horrible time the other
  • It is really easy to miss a turn if you are not paying attention
  • Why people are even on the road – are they coming back from school, are they moving, going on – or returning – vacation?
  • There are a lot of random billboards on the highway, and who the heck changes them in the middle of nowhere?
  • In theory, long road trips are a great time to catch up on magazines, they can make you slightly carsick
  • Because we rent a car, we notice similar cars to the one we are in…especially if it’s a Nissan Cube.
  • Only on a road trip do I ever crave a Wendy’s frosty

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