It’s a Box, it’s a Square, no it’s a Cube

When you rent a car you never know what you’re going to get.  This weekend we got a Nissan Cube. It is literally…a Cube.

The car is horribly ugly but drives nicely and it worked well for us, since any car is better than no car.

When we returned, the guy asked if we saw any other Cubes. Of course. We saw two. He said, you never notice them until you are in a Cube.  He also said every time he asks that question of Cube renters, people have noticed other Cubes on the road. Thought it was funny because without being in one, you probably wouldn’t notice them otherwise. Guess that could be true for any ‘interestingly’ shaped car.

Our Cube was a dark nude/light brown color, that I think I would love on my toe nails, during my next pedicure!


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