Magazines stress me out

I feel like I have to read every single page and almost every article. I can’t just skim, though that’s how I start.

Then I go back and read, and then I tear out articles or things that I’d like to research or view online later.

Say I find a cute hat. I’m not ready to buy the hat so I send the link to my shopping email account for later. Then say, I find a good destination, I send it to my travel email account to file away for another time. What about a recipe? I need to rip it out and then put it in my recipe box.

So reading magazines is not just about reading the magazine. I’m going to have homework to do once I finish the magazine. I only get two magazines regularly – a once a week New York Magazine, and a quarterly National Parks Magazine.

One year the boyfriend used airline miles to gift me two magazine subscriptions. Granted the magazines were right up my alley – travel, food and wine – but I couldn’t believe he used miles for magazines (the horror!)

And I had self-induced homework for months following.

Now when I get backed up with a few issues, I put them in the activity bag – and discard along my travels!


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