Noise vs. Sound

Staying on the subject of senses…I find it funny that the word ‘noise’ is perceived negatively and the word ‘sound’ is not.

I’m on a roll with posts that are list happy.

Bad noise:
1. Any kind of scraping of your teeth at the dentist
2. Fingernails on a blackboard
3. A busy signal on a phone – rare these days, but still
4. Screaming
5. Hocking – yes, the phlegm filled kind
6. Obnoxious people on cell phones
7. Incessant barking
8. Early morning construction
9. People who blast music as they drive their cars on quiet streets
10. Car alarms that won’t stop

Alternatively, these are some of the sounds I love:
1. Good, hearty laughing
2. Music – played at a normal decibel!
3. Popping packing bubbles
4. Snap crackle pop (sorry, I had to)
5. Cruise horns, I hear them from my apartment balcony regularly
6. Waves lapping onto the beach
7. Acoustic guitar playing
8. I would imagine that the first time you hear your baby cry after delivery is a good one
9. Food sizzling or bubbling as it cooks on the stove
10. “Flight attendants, please prepare the cabin for landing.”

Tell me, what noises make you nuts and what sounds make you happy?


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