Spectacular Smells

I recently read an article touting that there are a significant number of people who would rather lose their sense of smell than give up social networks.

Geez! There are a lot of bad smells, but what about the good ones?

Smells I love:
1. Fresh cut grass
2. Paint
3. Salt water; the smell of the beach at the end of the day
4. Almond milk hand soap that my grandma always has in her bathroom
5. Bliss lemon and sage lotion
6. Bacon
7. Freshly baked bread, including Auntie Anne’s pretzels (I don’t need to eat them, just taking a big whiff is good enough)
8. Wine
9. Anything on the grill — burgers, hot dogs, corn
10. The smell in the air after a summer rainy day
11. When you peel an orange or a grapefruit
12. Most cheeses – like 99.99% of them
13. Gasoline
14. Flowers in bloom
15. Pledge
16. Suntan lotion, and aloe for that matter
17. Fresh popped movie popcorn
18. Lavender
19. Wood burning fireplace
20. Leather
21. Cookies baking in the oven
22. Sauce cooking on a stove
23. Good smelling shampoo and conditioner
24. Fresh mint
25. Freshly washed sheets

What are smells you love?


2 responses to “Spectacular Smells

  • jason

    My first favorite smell was the smell of our newborn daughters head resting on my shoulder as I sat in the rocking chair holding and rocking them.
    I agree with popcorn, leather, cookies in an oven, fresh cut grass, the smell of rain in the air, anything on a grill, bacon and fresh sheets.
    I will add that garlic, certain cigar or pipe smoke, pizza and freshly laundered clothes are some more of my favorite smells.

  • lori

    I agree with Jason…The smell of a newborn baby!

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