Stinky Smells

Ah…earlier this week, I started off my day with a leaky Greek yogurt all over my desk and dress. A perfect start to any day.

Even after going overboard with cleaning up, the smell of sour milk – a smell I simply loathe – permeated the air for the better part of the day. So, I decided to compile a list of smells I cannot stand:

1. Sour milk
2. Urine
3. Poop
4. Body odor
5. Cigarette smoke
6. Steamed asparagus (at least the way my mom makes it – sorry mom)
7. Rotten eggs
8. Cat litter
9. Bleach
10. Anything vanilla scented (thanks to my sister loving it as a teenager and permeating everything in and around her bedroom, the smell is so gross to me now)
11. Any subway station in the summertime
12. The smell of bottled air when you first get on a plane
13. Stale beer, especially when you are hung over
14. Burnt popcorn
15. Sulfur
16. Burnt rubber
17. Exhaust from a car or bus
18. Bad fish
19. Sewers and the stale liquid surrounding them
20. Vomit

What are smells you loathe?


One response to “Stinky Smells

  • lori

    farts (when they come from someone else) ha!, burnt popcorn when mixed with water is the worst!, i think u named them all!

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