Petty Players & Shitty Sportsmanship

As I watched part of the LA vs Dallas basketball playoff game yesterday, I was disgusted by the Los Angeles Lakers behavior.

The Lakers were down three games to zero in the best of seven series, and pretty far behind point-wise in the game. As one of the Dallas players was jumping to take a shot, a Laker came by and elbowed him. Not to be outdone, another Laker shoved the Dallas player while he was taking a shot in mid-air. Not by accident, not to block him, but to actually hurt him.

What a total and complete douche bag.

I’m pretty certain there are technical terms for the play but as I watched, I was totally appalled by the behavior of his, and his other teammates (who were also ejected during the game). One guy even took off (read: ripped it off in anger) his jersey as he was being ejected. What poor, poor sportsmanship. Great way to set an example for impressionable children who may look up to you (note sarcasm).

I’m not an avid watcher, but the way it looks to me, the Lakers are pissed they are getting swept. Instead of playing like real men to finish off their season actually trying to score, they decide to physically hurt the opposing team, who will be moving forward to the next round. What a bunch of cry babies. You are overpaid men, who unfortunately have achieved celebrity status, playing a GAME. Get over yourselves and man up.

I’m not sure how the NBA decides suspensions, or punishments, but I think this guy, and his teammates should be suspended for the better part of next season, if they play at all. They are not mentors, they are not people to be looked up to or worshiped by the general public. They are examples of poor sportsmanship and petty actions because they are losing…waaah, waaah.

A simple Google search to find ‘Lakers player shoved Dallas player’ to find the guy’s name found that ‘shove’ must be the key trigger word because I found loads of Lakers shoving people…Dallas players, pregnant cashiers. Keep it classy LA Lakers. Playing on Mother’s Day, I’m sure you made your moms and Phil Jackson, likely coaching his last game, so proud.

Go Dallas.


One response to “Petty Players & Shitty Sportsmanship

  • jason

    I totally agree with regarding the poor sportsmanship of the Lakers. I don’t think the guy, who intentionally hurt the Dallas player, should just be suspended. Instead, the basketball commissioner should make an example of this individual and ban him from basketball forever. I wonder what the effect it will have on young children who watch this game. This is not acceptable behavior. I was shocked when I saw this.

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