My Mom

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, here is a short list of reasons why I love my mom:

  • She’s awesome
  • Even though some of the places I want to travel to are off the beaten path, I know she wants to come with me
  • She likes to drink wine with me
  • She doesn’t (usually) knock my crazy ideas
  • When we would go to amusement parks as a kid, and my dad and sister would go on the rides, she would wait with me (only as an adult I found out that she didn’t like rides either, so she was totally cool with it)
  • She always finds fun things to do when I visit
  • She and my dad used to plan mystery tours, we’d leave the house with an overnight bag and go for a drive that they didn’t even know where we’d wind up (though as an adult I have to believe that sometimes they knew where we were headed)
  • She sends me pictures when she gets a haircut, like I have any hair style sense
  • She loves taking my travel pictures and making photo albums (for which I have zero patience)
  • Once my blogs are posted she sends me grammar suggestions
  • She doesn’t mind if I call her late at night
  • She has a special recipe for macaroni salad that I’ve never been able to duplicate
  • The first time I got into a bar underage, I called her from a payphone (yes, I’m old) to tell her the fake ID worked, and she wasn’t even mad
  • She made me wear makeup for my proms, and said she was probably the only mom that had to force their daughter to wear lipstick
  • She loves me unconditionally

One response to “My Mom

  • Manic Muffin

    Isn’t it true though, a great Mom always has your back, even when you both know that you are as wrong as wrong can be.

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