Mile 25

At the close of 2010, I knew that I wanted to write more in 2011 and created this blog as a way to force me to do that and went a step farther to make it my 2011 New Year’s Resolution. I knew when I sat down to write, the words would come out.

As excited as I was to see what would come out, I was also a little overwhelmed. I had seen other blogs and the number of posts. 200 or 5000 posts. As you looked in their past posts, there were lengthy lists of past posts, tagged with topics or by months, and there were plenty of posts.

My only goal was to have one post a day for a year and I thought this was going to take me forever – well, 365 days to be exact, which felt like an eternity.

My biggest question to myself was in order to meet this one post a day goal, what the heck would I write about for 365 days?! Needless to say, I found enough stuff to say.

When I look at the number of posts along the right hand side of the screen I see my posts from the past twelve months, one for each day. It’s like a culmination of hard work, though I found writing pretty fun so I don’t think I can call it work (especially when I’m not getting paid for it).

I have definitely racked the posts up over the past year. It’s like I’m at mile marker 25 of a 26.2 mile marathon (but way less sweaty!). Here’s to the last few days of 2011, and to the last few posts that will complete of (one of) my 2011 New Year’s resolution(s).

Yay. And wow. At the same time.


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